Safety, savings and increased productivity on the control of your revenues.

Ensure your safety, protect your cash and improve your productivity

Control and handling of cash takes time, and unfortunately human failures end up happening.

The Smart Safe brings more safety to your company's revenue and full knowledge of your cash revenue. Accounts your cash, validates supposedly fake banknotes, and stores all deposited banknotes quickly, reducing the time spent on cashier´s closing and checking.

Our safes are equipped with electronic locks, banknote-inking mechanism*, are monitored and for your security, have a high and competitive insurance coverage.

Once your banknotes are collected, you will have online access to control your cash flow and obtain management reports. Our safes also have the Multiclients* option, meaning that you can share the same equipment with other companies if your cash flow is not that large.

*Check the available products with this option.

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How does the Smart Safe Work?

Safety from End to End

The amounts deposited in the safe are insured and will be collected by a team duly trained in armored, monitored vehicles, with remote opening and closing by our 24h Monitoring Center.

Full Knowledge of Your Billing

Eliminates cash counting and recounting operations, and avoids cash differences.

Full Control of your Money

Through the counting function*, you can check your cash without having to deposit in the safe.

Banknote Inking

Any burglary attempt is inhibited by the banknote-inking device*.

Multiclient Option

Share the same safe with other stores if your cash flow is not that high*.

To whom the Smart Safe is recommended






Available in 3 models

Compact Smart Safe

Recommended for locations with low flow of cash and/or limited physical space.

Mid Smart Safe

Recommended for locations with moderate cash volume. Optional: front and rear opening.

Grand Smart Safe

Recommended for locations with high flow of cash or short intervals of higher handling

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It is Grupo Protege's equipment and solution designed for you and your business, without having to worry about safety and improving your quality of life. The Smart Safe stores your cash, has online control of your deposits, and wires them directly to your bank account without the hassle of going to the bank.

The cash is deposited in the safe, according to the flow and need of the company, there is no deposit limit (unless the capacity or cash limit is reached). The safe validates and counts the banknotes, issues deposits verification , with the depositor's information, date, time, amount and composition of banknotes. Transactions made are available for consultation on the Customer Portal. On the pre-established days and times, values ​​are collected by an armored vehicle and a specialized and highly trained team. The amounts are processed and credited to the company´s current account.

The Smart Safe is suitable for clients looking for a cash management solution, that provides tranquility and effective security of their revenues, as well as full knowledge of their cash flow. If you have a cash handling business, this is the solution for you.

The Protege Smart Safe enables the process optimization with agility and efficiency in deposits, contributing to the reduction of unnecessary tasks, mistakes, rework and waste such as recount, cash break, cash difference and supposedly fake banknotes.  

With the Smart Safe your employees will be more focused in their activities and will be available to serve your client with excellence and quality.


  • Cash protection against theft and robbery
  • Insurance of deposited amount
  • Only the Protege team has access to the cash and the safe, the opening of the safe is controlled by a integrated system with random lock
  • Fast collection, pick-up process and time of the armored vehicle on site are significantly shorter
  • Cash differences are responsibility of Protege and the safe recognizes supposedly fake banknotes
  • Possibility of deposited amounts to be credited on the same day into bank account, regardless of collection*
  • Process optimization with agility and efficiency in deposits
  • The safe gives you full control of your transactions,      providing more time and attention to your business
  • Client Portal Access, with real-time monitoring of         deposited amounts
  • 24 hour communication with encrypted data
  • Technical assistance, parts replacement, shipping and activation included in the monthly fee
  • Deal with only 1 supplier, both the safe management and cash logistics ​​are carried out by Grupo Protege 

The Smart Safe is available to hire throughout the national territory of Protege actuation.

COMPACT: Suitable for companies with low cash flow or restricted space, with banknote to banknote (one to one) validator and capacity for 2,500 banknotes.

MID: Suitable for companies with medium cash flow, validated for a 30-banknote bundle, an average speed of 80 banknotes per minute and a capacity of 10,000 banknotes.

GRAND: Suitable for companies with high cash flow, average speed of 600 banknotes per minute and capacity of 10,000 banknotes.

The Protege team provides the cash logistics, you no longer have to worry about safe handling and transport cash to the bank, as access to it is restricted to onboard team only, and the transportation is monitored by our 24h Monitoring Center.

With the safe, the collection process and time of the armored vehicle on site are significantly shorter

The cash logistics ​​is executed at pre-established dates and times according to your contract, or when the capacity of your safe is close to its limits.

The Smart Safe offers real-time monitoring of deposited amounts through access to our Client Portal.

Through our Client Portal, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it is possible to check the deposited amounts quickly and reliably, as well as the possibility of integrating the portal data with your operating system, further facilitating data analysis and customized reports.

Money deposited in the smart safe is automatically guaranteed, monitored and protected, by an insurance coverage for the deposited amounts.

COMPACT: capacity for 2,500 banknotes.
MID and GRAND: capacity for 10,000 banknotes

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