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Organizations of all types and sizes face internal and external influences and factors that make it uncertain whether and when they will achieve their goals. The effect that this uncertainty has on the organization's objectives is called "risk" (excerpt from ISO 31000). Considering that Property Security contributes to the business of organizations, risk management occurs through technical criteria, consistent with a security plan with effective solutions according to the size of the possibility of losses. The Security Consultancy is carried out by the DSC - Corporate Security Department of the Grupo Protege, which performs more than 100 thousand operations per month with experienced professionals, operating technological solutions based on intelligence systems prepared exclusively for each specific case. Consulting services are divided into three different fronts:



  • Consultancy and Advisory - Risk Management and Analysis: Identification of risks and vulnerabilities through the study of external and internal factors, structural and technological physical barriers, as well as procedures and security professionals.  
  • Consultancy and Advisory - Procedures Manual: Preparation of a set of procedures with specific instructions for the routine to be followed by the security team in the organization, based on its Security Policy.  
  • Loss Prevention: Risk management activity aimed at preventing, combating and eliminating the possibilities of administrative, commercial, operational, productive losses, among others, of tangible assets or in the weaknesses of the processes.  
  • Security Plan - Financial Institution: Evaluation and recommendation of the necessary resources to implement the Security Plan, compliance with the requirements of Federal Police legislation, as well as the review and monitoring of the approval of the respective Plan in banking establishments and support for Cooperatives of Credit. 


  • Tactical, Technical and Operational Training or Simulated Reality: Qualification, Requalification and Retraining of Security Professionals through the study of Risks and the application of prevention and reaction techniques in a real or simulated environment. 
  • Lectures of Security: Lecture on unsafe and habitual behavior and everyday situations inherent to personal and property security, which can be directed according to the needs of the organization and segment.



  • Risks Management: Remote monitoring in real time of vehicle driving and opening of doors and trunk, enabling the identification of changes in driving, such as accidents, mechanical or operational problems and the physical state of the driver in a safe environment. 
  • Credential Management - Badges: Availability of the Grupo Protege model for issuing, distribution logistics, cancellation and disposal of corporate badges. 
  • Planning and Management for Big Events: Elaboration and conduction of the Tactical and Operational Plan, which involves the analysis of the location and alignment of the operation in face of the quantity of the public and risks, among other criteria. 
  • Specialized Labor Management: Qualified professionals allocated in the client's environment to carry out Risk Management and Monitoring of all types of vehicles, in addition to consultants for the elaboration of the Security Policy, Standards, Safety Procedures, Prevention Indicators and Losses, Support in Security Property Management and other areas of the company.

Security Experience

Grupo Protege's capacity developed over the years in proposing and guiding the best investments in Security.

Cost and Risk Reduction

Analysis of processes and activities in order to identify opportunities to minimize costs with losses, fines and legal risks.

Integrated Solutions

Personalized projects where the diferent solutions are integrated, from security management, training application, as well as the use of technology.


Grupo Protege’s credibility and securoty knowledge provide a relationship of trust with our customers and partners.

Vulnerability Analysis

Better understanding of the risk exposure of your business assets.

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Frequently asked questions about Security Consultancy

Security Consultancy solutions are divided into three pillars: Analysis, Training and Management.


  • Consultancy and Advisory - Risk Management and Analysis.
  • Consulting and Advisory - Procedures Manual.
  • Loss Prevention - Activity aimed mainly at the supermarket and cash and carry segment, which deals with the application of control and protection techniques and actions on any types and losses to the business.
  • Security Plan - Financial Institution.


  • Real or Simulated Reality Tactical, Technical and Operational Training.
  • Security lectures.



  • Risk management.
  • Credential Management - Badges.
  • Planning and Management for Big Events.
  • Specialized Labor Management.

Consultancy services can work in an isolated or grouped way. Let's get to know a little more about each one:


Process based on the ISO 31000 corporate risk management concept. The division by factors in the adopted system allows to identify risk in an organized way. The factors used are:

External Environment - in short, these are the external factors that can influence the probability of the risk occurring.

Passive Technical Means - this factor considers physical barriers, such as, and not only, walls, glass, as well as the resistance and efficiency of these materials for safety.

Internal Environment - which are the critical areas and their characteristics.

Active Technical Means - factor focused on Electronic Security, such as CCTV, Alarm and Access Control.

Organizational Resources - which are the rules, procedures and policies for dealing with security risks.

Human Resources - that this is a thorough evaluation  of the security scope, for example, number of workstations, positions and functions, tactical positioning, shifts, frequency and workload per workstation and professional profile, considering the activities performed and those really necessary and, still, its tactical positioning in the face of a crisis scenario.

The Analysis and Measurement of Risks uses its own classic methodology, using the risk analysis software, with the premises of the ISO 31000 standard.

The consultancy also considers the recommendations with the presentation of solutions for risk management and mitigation, considering feasible scenarios and according to the size of the identified and classified loss.

The technical survey is carried out on the spot by trained professionals - specialists and equipped with advanced technology resources. In fact, excerpts from the survey are carried out by DRONE * with high resolution cameras (4k) and aerial shots, allowing greater precision to assess the risks of the place and time dedicated to this stage.

* Subject to authorization by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC).

The Procedures Manual is a document prepared based on technical criteria, the company's security policy and legal protection, serving for the guidance and consultation of the security professional at his work station. In summary, it describes what and how to do it. The specificities of the segment are considered in each preparation, being one of the differentials of this important subsidy.

They are indicated for Industries, Distribution Centers; Hospitals and Clinics; Malls; Retail Businesses; Residential Buildings (vertical or horizontal); Business Buildings; Hotels; Museums; Fairs and Big Events.

  • Know the risks, as well as mitigating actions and possible impacts.
  • Reduction of costs and risks.
  • Contribution to planning with integrated solutions.
  • Increased credibility with security activities.
  • To serve as a guide for investments in security.
  • Opportunity to reduce the company's legal and image risks.
  • Compliance with legislation, avoiding possible fines by the Federal Police.
  • Decrease in opportunities offered to criminals.
  • Global increase in the level

Throughout the national territory.

Yes, it is possible to customize the project for a specific case, using the various services offered by the companies that make up the Grupo Protege. In fact, the Consultancy can be carried out in stages, depending on the customer's needs.

The Loss Prevention activity deals with the application of control and protection techniques and actions on any types and losses to the business and is mainly focused on the supermarket, hypermarket and cash and carry segment.

RISK MANAGEMENT has highly trained professionals to deal with all situations that may occur in the transportation of high value-added assets, with the main differential being the physical structure aimed at security and confidentiality of operations.

Some of the tools used by Risk Management are:

  • Tracking, Monitoring, Truck Opening, Alarm and Alert Treatments and Telephone Contact.
  • Fleet Tracking in Real Time - Location system according to the software used.
  • Opening a Truck - It is only performed by the professionals of the Risk Management Team when it is in compliance with the previously defined stops.
  • Receipt of Alerts and Alarms - When this type of event is received, the preventive arrangements defined with the contractor are carried out.
  • Lock and Unlock - Commands executed as defined in the contract.
  • Mirroring - Visualization of cars on an authenticated website, among others.

Security Manager - This is a highly trained professional to contribute to security management.


Consultant / Security Analyst / Risk Analyst - One of the various duties of these professionals is to list the main vulnerabilities, as well as the mitigating actions to eliminate and manage the risks, which includes the elaboration, application and monitoring of the action plan with the responsible sectors and areas.


Security Supervisor - Organic companies and those with a higher degree of criticality in their operations need a professional who can lead the team, according to the security policy, rules and procedures, as well as the application of training.



Operator and Risk Management Analyst - Dedicated professional to work in a vehicle tracking and monitoring center, as well as operating tracking systems, based on the Risk Management Plan (PGR).


Loss Prevention Auditor - Among its duties, is the identification of operational breaches (expired or damaged products), thefts, administrative, operational errors and fraud in supermarkets and cash and carry stores.

Tactical, Technical and Operational Training or Simulated Reality assesses and trains the reaction of the security professional in different and dynamic environments (moving targets), simulating access to internal areas of companies, but not limited to the segment, including and can be used for business and residential condominiums, financial institutions, industries, shopping malls, hotels, etc. It allows recycling the professional for stressful situations, involving the reaction to a dangerous scenario.

Through the phone: (11) 3156-9000 or leave your information with us and we will contact you.

Yes, the lecture about security can be customized and is one of the best ways to reach the internal public, both of a company and of condominiums. The topics covered are inherent to personal security, as well as the protection of assets, but are not limited to these, being formatted according to the needs of each location.

Big events need Security Planning and Management compatible with risks. Currently, there are specific legislation governed by the Federal Police and requirements that must be followed. In order for the event to be successful, several requirements are necessary, for example, Place Analysis (external and internal areas), Elaboration of the Action Plan, Meeting of Adjustments and Closing of the Stakeholders, Operation, Selection and Implementation of the Team, Scope - Quantity, Positioning and Location of Stations, Attributions and Contingency Actions, among others. In light of this, the Grupo Protege carries out a series of actions that minimize risks and guarantee tranquility for those who participate.

Hiring this service can reduce costs with people (labor) and increase the level of security, due to the type and processes applied in this activity.