Solutions and customized projects for your business.

We take care of your property and its security.

We customize projects, solutions and services to ensure your safety while you run your business. By conducting detailed site analysis, our security experts, based on study and experience, identify vulnerabilities of your business, condominium, industry and any other location that needs our protection.

Our professionals are constantly trained and recycled to render services of property security, armed escort, access control in residential and commercial gates, personal security to VIP clients.

Service Excellence is our top priority, so we also offer specialized workforce for building entrances, reception at large events operating at the tickets counters, treasury, tolls, cash desk, cash handling and on-site custody with insurance coverage.

Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Segurança Patrimonial e Serviços

How Grupo Protege Property Security Works

Trained Professionals

The only company in the segment that has its own training center for qualification and recycling of security guards and security professionals.

Ethics and Transparency

Our goal is to deliver quality service that meets industry standards and fulfills compensation requirements of the segment.


Differentiated risk analysis according to the needs of your actuation segment.

Integrated solutions

Customized projects with several solution for security.

Investment in professionals

We invest in our employees to always keep them updated.

To whom we recommend the Property Security and Services






Dúvidas frequentes sobre Segurança Patrimonial e Serviços

Property Security
Our security guards, whether armed or disarmed, are highly qualified and trained to protect the client's assets and employees.

Outsourced Services
Specialized labor leasing solutions for small to large size clients. We ensure the best service with specialized workmanship in building entrance and reception, floor inspector, among others.

Armed Escort
Through the rendering of Armed Escort services, we are able to execute the safety of several loads and objects of high added value.

Executive Personal Security
Detailed analyzes that include the recognition of executive and personnel areas of circulation, as well as qualified armed and unarmed security guards, ensuring the excellence in our personal protection services.

After leaving your contact with us through our website, a sales executive will contact you to better understand your needs and/or your business.
After that, a technical visit is scheduled to know the peculiarities for elaboration of the security project.
After approval of the commercial proposal, our employees go through the training and integration process to start the work.

  • Residential Condominiums
  • Commercial condominiums
  • Events of all sizes
  • Educational institutions, schools and universities
  • Financial institutions,   banks and credit cooperatives
  • Hospital institutions, clinics and hospitals
  • Hotel Institutions, inns and hotels
  • Shopping center and trade centers
  • Retail supermarkets
  • Cultural centers
  • Logistics and distribution centers
  • Farms and horse farms
  • Industries
  • Family residences
  • Companies and retail trade, among others
  • Property security guard
  • Labor specialized in building entrance and reception, floor inspector, among others
  • Executive personal safety
  • Armed escort security guard
  • Security inspector
  • Security supervisor
  • Fire brigade security guard
  • Animal driver security guard
  • Industrial security guard
  • Security guard inspector
  • Security guard leader
  • Monitoring security guard leader
  • Electronic safety monitoring security guard
  • Motorized security guard
  • Monitoring operator security guard
  • Property security guard
  • Private personal safety security guard leader
  • Private personal safety security guard
  • Supermarket security guard
  • Monitoring security guard leader
  • Monitoring supervisor
  • Risk management
  • Risk analysis
  • You can rely on experts in all the steps of the operation
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Time optimization of your managers and professionals
  • Maintenance of your business in a structured manner
  • Reduction of labor liabilities through specialized follow-up

Grupo Protege is one of the largest security solution companies in Brazil, present in 17 states and the Distrito Federal. Check the detailed list in  Where we are.

Yes, it is possible to customize the project for a specific need using the several services offered by the companies of Grupo Protege.

Yes, by providing the services of Armed Escort, we can execute the safety of several loads and objects of high added value, such as:

  • Food Products
  • Textile
  • Metals
  • Electroeletronics
  • Precious Stones
  • Pesticides
  • Machines
  • Tractors
  • Vehicles
  • Medicines
  • Explosives
  • Products where protection is required

Anyone who identifies the need for protection can hire our Private Personal Security services.

For Property and Personal Security activities, our security advisors identify risks and addresses the points of vulnerability that property and employees (Property Security), duly protected and their family members (Executive Personal Security) will be exposed to. 

In the case of the Armed Escort solution, we perform route analysis and 24-hour monitoring through the Grupo Protege Monitoring Center.

We consider training essential for the excellence of the activities performed by our employees. For that, in compliance with current legislation, we maintain for over 30 years, the “Provig - Formação de Profissionais de Segurança” (Qualification of Security Professionals), responsible for the entire process of qualification, extensions and recycling of our security guards, including psychotechnical tests.

Periodically, our professionals are recycled in accordance with Law 7.102 / 83, seeking to maintain alertness and the ability to respond appropriately to risk scenarios, as well as update the knowledge already acquired.

In addition to Provig, we have a specialized Personnel Development and Training sector, which allows us to program and seasonally train and improve the knowledge of all our employees through the Protege Corporate University.


Through telephone: (11) 3156-9000 or send us your information and we will contact you.