Technology to ensure the safety of your inventory.

Protection and control of your inventory

Inventory management of high value-added products deserves such technology, isn´t it? The Monitored Locker is the solution to ensure the storage and control of high value objects such as electronics, jewelry, imported products, among others.  

Manufactured in high impact resistance material and affixed to the floor by anchor bolts, the Monitored Locker has an opening and locking remote system through a password controlled by our 24h Monitoring Center, that brings greater safety and controlling of your high value inventory.

The locker can have 4 or 8 doors, combining safety and versatility, allowing you to decide on the model according to what you need to store and the space you have available.

Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Armário Monitorado

How Grupo Protege Monitored Locker Works

High Impact Resistance

The Monitored Locker is made of highly impact resistant material.


Available in 2 models, you choose the one that best fits your inventory size.

Safety and Technology

Individual door opening, with time interval and through use of a password.

24H Monitoring

Your inventory is protected and assisted by the Protege Monitoring Center, 24 hours a day.

Usage Reports

The activity in the locker is recorded and available for your audit.

To whom the Monitored Locker is recommended






Dúvidas frequentes sobre o Armário Monitorado

The Monitored Locker is a modular locker made of steel plates, with 04 or 08 doors, individually controlled by keyboards and locks with multiple password possibilities, opening timer, internal locking between doors and different ways to manage them, whether local or remote.

  • Door alarm monitoring if violated
  • System maintenance
  • Assisted opening when necessary to open a restricted door
  • Monitoring of locker access images

To companies that need greater protection for high added value inventory.

  • Safe storage of high value-added small equipment in a security-enhanced locker
  • Doors released only by passwords generated by our Monitoring Center, after following previously established and approved procedure
  • Cash Custody
  • Possibility of providing personal passwords that do not require our monitoring center´s intervention to open the doors
  • Due to the fact of being modular, it is easy to transport and displace
  • Electronic equipment (Cell phones, Tablets, Notebook)
  • Watches and Jewels
  • Any equipment of high added-value

Grupo Protege is present in 17 states and Distrito Federal, ensuring availability for your business. To obtain additional information access Where we are.

With release through random password, the opening and closing of the doors occurs only after authorization from the 24h Monitoring Center, ensuring more safety and peace of mind for the day to day of your business.

Monitoring is performed by Grupo Protege 24h Monitoring Center, which informs whether the door is open or closed, and in case of locker violation, the control panel is activated by sensors of the alarms present in the equipment.
If you have a Closed Circuit TV system in place and hire the locker monitoring, a connection is made with the cameras and thus the images are viewed in case of an accident.

No, the client should hire an alarm system, access control or CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) if a secondary protection system is needed.

  • 4 Doors
  • 2 Doors
  • Locker for kiosk with front opening for cash (with 2, 3 or 4 doors)

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