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Intelligent Treasury

The Treasury is an essential department for any business with high day-to-day banknote circulation.

The lack of safety, processes that require excessive team work, and the possibility of human failures, are some of the factors that worry managers and owners of stores that depend daily on the treasury department.

The Electronic Treasurer offers safety and cost savings from these processes, automating cash counting, identifying fake banknotes, making withdrawals and deposits with high speed, eliminating manual checking and ensuring more efficiency and agility to your Treasury. With monitoring functions, you can track transactions, have access to reports and indicators, among other functions.

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More productivity and lower costs for Treasury.

Safety from End to End

From the moment it is deposited in the electronic treasurer, your cash is insured and monitored by our 24h Monitoring Center.

Increase in Productivity

Eliminates counting and recounting of banknotes and avoids cash differences.


The Electronic Treasurer has the structure and resistance of a safe.

Cash Withdrawal

The equipment has the withdrawal function, you can withdraw the amount that you need to use in your daily routine.

Management Portal

Follow up of your transactions, generation of reports and triggering for supp

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Frequently asked questions about the Electronic Treasurer

A money recirculation solution that offers additional safety and control of the cash received and paid. The Electronic Treasurer is a safe that offers safety to operators, detectors that validate the authenticity of banknotes as well as protecting their monetary values ​​safely and quickly.
With the Protege Electronic Treasurer you can reduce the costs of treasury processes by automating the identification of supposedly fake banknotes, counting banknotes, making withdrawals and deposits at high speed, eliminating manual checking, ensuring more efficiency and agility.

The Electronic Treasurer allows quick and accurate withdrawals and deposits, in addition to parameterization by denomination of banknotes and users, inclusion of change kit, exchange of banknotes, etc.

Withdrawals of the cash stored are only made under certifications and within limits and times defined by the administrators (users). The easy monitoring of the Electronic Treasurer content allows managers to have a detailed history of each operation, resulting in more accurate scheduling of cash collection and supplying to business locations.

  • Productivity maximization
  • Possibility of integration with management systems
  • Selection of standardized banknotes by value, facilitating processing in treasuries.
  • Reduction of labor costs
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Reduction of incidence of suspect banknotes
  • Standardization of productive process
  • Safe information directly in the management system
  • Uninterrupted processing
  • Capacity to work with several currencies and exchange for Dollar and Euro
  • Fully flexible and configurable
  • Offers physical safety and reduces level of incidents at service points
  • Online control of cash in hands of operators and the entire network

To banks, cooperatives, supermarkets, exchange bureaux, and any other segment requiring cash recirculation and change kit.

The Electronic Treasurer optimizes cash processing at cashiers by eliminating the need of manual banknote handling, increasing cashier efficiency, availability and also making daily opening/closing processes faster and with more accurate transactions, enabling team redistribution , helping to reduce treasury-related costs such as cash differences and cash handling, positively impacting client service and improving client experience.

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Withdrawal of the deposited cash is made by  Protege´s team. Only the Protege team has access to cash, and the opening of the equipment is controlled by an integrated system with random lock.

Money deposited in the electronic Treasurer is automatically guaranteed, monitored and protected, wi

Capacity for 6,800 banknotes.

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