The definitive solution to the lack of coins.

Improve the flow of people in your business.

Coin Exchange Machine

The machine makes exchange of coins to notes and enables you to use the coins to other purposes, such as: charging cellphone, making a donation to a charity, changing to a voucher that can be used in the establishment, among other functions.

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Coins Exchanging

The machine collects coins and exchanges them for shopping vouchers.

Voucher Issuance

Can be used in your establishment.

Automated Counting

Avoid mistakes and save your team from balances.

Withdraw Control

Management of coins withdraw from the machine.


You can integrate with the cashier system.


Modes of use designed to your needs.

To whom the Coin Exchange Machine is recommended





Frequently asked questions about the Coin Exchange Machine

The Coin Exchange Machine

The Coin Exchange Machine enables the permanent coins flow, reducing the costs with change supply and also the deposit management in real time.

The coins are counted by the machine in real time, and at the end of the deposit is issued a voucher according to the chosen exchange option.

  • Hypermarkets and wholesales
  • Commerce and Retail Stores

A lack of coins leads the merchant to small damages upon return the change. Coin Exchange Machine enables a permanent flow of coins, the costs of change supply.

Not only real time deposit management and online monitoring, Coin Exchange Machine optimizes treasury processes.

Any establishment that needs permanent cash flow and efficient coin management.

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The withdrawal of coins ​​in the Coin Exchange Machine can be done by the establishment itself, or by the Grupo Protege Logistic Services.

The advertising of Coin Exchange Machine is customizable and can be made according to the needs of your business, upon proposal for development.


Before make the deposit, you should choose  one of the exchange options: shopping voucher, notes, charity donation or prepay cellphone top up.

Upon completion of the count, the machine issues a receipt with all deposit information: selected exchange type, total amount with bonus, accounted coins, expiration date and place of exchange.

Through telephone: (11) 3156-9000 or send us your information and we will contact you.