Efficiency and safety.

We are experts in logistics services

Our strength is our operation: we are experts in transporting cash and valuables. Through our structure and expertise in team planning, execution and training, we are ready to meet the needs of your business on: cash transfer, ATM operations, 100% monitored cash processing, custody, cash and checks management.

With a presence in 17 Brazilian states and Distrito Federal, and more than 1,800 vehicles, we are always ready to collect and deliver valuables, banknotes, coins, checks, jewelry and other high added value items, with maximum agility and safety in operations.

Our operation is 100% monitored by individual cameras in our treasuries, reinforcing the security of the process to the standards of the Central Bank and Banco do Brasil, which, combined with our experience of almost half a century, protects your business from the risks associated with transporting and handling cash.

Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Logística de Valores

How does the Logistics Services works

Specialized Training

The only company in the segment that has its own training center for security guard qualification, ensuring the constant updating and quality standard of our services.

Expertise in Security

We are a national company with over 48 years of experience in the segment, present in all regions of Brazil, ensuring the quality and agility that your company needs.

Quality of Services

Always in search of continuous improvement, we have the main certifications of quality and standardization of services, in addition to the regulations and safety certifications required for the operations.


Our operational support units (SOP's) ensure the support to the armored vehicle crew and the service in our costumer's operation. The contact is made by e-mail, customer portal or calling 4090-1716 (valid for all Brazil with the charge of local tariff).


Our solutions are designed and integrated according to your segment to optimize risk prevention and bring more security to the routine of your business.

To whom we recommend our Logistics Services






Dúvidas frequentes sobre Logística de Valores

Logistics is a complete solution that includes armored cash transportation (banknotes, national and foreign currency), processing through specialized professionals and equipment, and securities custody. The solution is available to banks and cooperatives, supermarkets, lotteries, gas stations, retail or any cash-handling trade.

  • Collection/Supply of Value with armored vehicle
  • Cash Processing
  • Cash Custody
  • Rental of Smart Safe

To the entire retail market, gas stations, lotteries, bank branches, bank service stations, ATMs, bank correspondents, cooperatives, exchange brokers, pharmacy chains, construction supply stores, shopping centers, markets or any business that have cash handling.

Through Logistics Services, you prevent your business from the risks associated with transporting and handling cash. You have time to take care of your business while Grupo Protege takes care of your valuables.

Some benefits of the solution:

  • Risk Reduction
  • Reduction of cash conciliation mistakes
  • Agility in operation and reduction of risk
  • Latest technology applied
  • Operation Insurance

Cash  (local and foreign currencies), checks, tickets, gold and jewelry.

We are present in the following states: Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio, Minas Gerais, Goiás, Acre, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondônia and Distrito Federal. To obtain additional information, please check our page Where we are.

Cash processing is the counting of money transported. The counting process is automated and filmed to assure and make available to the client for eventual analysis. We are equipped with high performance processors to meet large demands.

We have 44 branches throughout Brazil in 17 states and Distrito Federal. All bases are used for cash processing and custody.

Yes, from the moment your valuables are delivered to Protege, they already have insurance coverage.

Through telephone: (11) 3156-9000 or send us your information and we will contact you.