Excellence on land for your flight safety.

Excellence on land for your flight safety

The need of companies for the airport sector in the 1990´s, led us to create the Proair, a Grupo Protege´s company that offers outsourcing services to the operational and security sectors.

We render services to airlines companies and also to the various business aviation niches, whether corporate or private. Our solutions include Ramp and Cleaning, Safety, Executive Aviation, Cargo Handling, Quality Management, Training Center and VIP Room services.

We are proud to have a training center where professionals are continuously trained and recycled, contributing to the constant improvement of our services.

Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Serviços Aeroportuários

Get to know about our airport services

COP (Proair Operation Center)

The COP is the Proair Operation Center. Operating 24 hoursa day and 07 days a week, the center monitors flight schedules and our costumer's aircraft handling.

ISAGO Certificate

(IATA Safety Audity for Ground Operations) In 2016, Proair got a ISAGO certification with the Iata (International Air Transport Association).

Availability and VIP Room

Proair is present in 38 airports all over Brazil, having two VIPs rooms in Guarulhos Airport (Executive Aviation) and Recife (International and Domestic Boarding).

Trained Professionals

The only company in the segment that has its own training center for qualification and recycling of professionals of the area.

Infrastructure and Expertise

Supported by the entire structure and excellence in services of Grupo Protege.

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Frequently asked questions about Airport Services

These are the services rendered to airlines and also to the various business aviation niches, whether business or private.
Our solutions are: Ground Handling, Passenger Safety and Control, Cargo and Aircraft Services, Scanning, Inspection, Aircraft Supply and Tagging, Baggage Inspection and Transportation, X-ray Machine Release, among others.
We are proud to have a training center where professionals are continuously trained and recycled to render the best service to clients from over 19 companies across North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

  • Ground Handling assistance (ramp, cleaning and protection)
  • Assistance to passengers
  • Load handling and palletizing
  • Passenger assistance services
  • Executive aviation
  • VIP room management
  • Civil Aviation Safety Courses

Proair's services are suitable for airlines (national and international), airport community, individuals and legal entities, related to executive aviation services and civil aviation safety courses.

Outsourcing of airport services with quality management policies, enables Proair to deliver an operation based on safety, efficiency and punctuality, as well as offering differentiated solutions that provide easiness to the day-to-day of our clients.

Proair has a Centro Operacional (COP) (Operational Center) that operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to coordinate, monitor and organize the assistances provided to the clients.
By monitoring flight schedules, aircraft movement and constant contact with the client's operational areas and airport administrator, COP works to ensure that the services rendered occur on schedule and the teams are prepared to deal with possible adverse situations, such as delays or cancellations through quick and effective action. 

Among all the certifications that PROAIR has, the main ones are:

  • ISO 9001 – 2015
  • INSIGNIA (British Airways)
  • PARTNERSHIP  (Aeromexico)

Proair is present in 38 airports of B

We have approval from the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil - ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) to provide the following professional training and curriculum updates:

  • Civil Aviation Safety Basics
  • General procedures in passengers’ assistance
  • Assistance to passengers that need special assistance
  • Operational security
  • Basic Procedures for ramp assistants
  • Procedures for equipment operators

Proair ensures that all daily operations are performed in a manner that respects the characteristics and uniqueness of each client, while maintaining the highest quality standards and international certifications.

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