Reference in qualification and recycling of professionals.

Grupo Protege´s support to qualify the best professionals

Providing the best service is directly linked to the qualification of people.

With that in mind, Grupo Protege founded Provig and Proair training centers, specialized in qualification of professionals for the Private Security and Airport Services segments.

Provig, initially founded to train the company´s employees, opened its doors to the market in 1987, becoming a reference in qualification and recycling of professionals for the segment.

Currently, this center conducts over 40,000 hours of training per year and, in approximately three decades of existence, has qualified more than 500,000 professionals.

The Proair Training Center began its activities in the 2000s, specialized in certification of courses for the Civil Aviation Safety sector, approved and supervised by ANAC - National Civil Aviation Agency, and fit to meet the needs of the entire airport community.


Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Formação de Profissionais

How Grupo Protege Qualification of Professionals works

Easy Location

Training centers are located in easily accessible regions in the cities of São Paulo and Guarulhos.

Large Space

More than 20 classrooms available for training and two exclusive tatami mats for self defense classes.

High Technology

Three shooting stands with 15 automated lines and last generation acoustic treatment.

Daily Simulation

Revolving door for bank branch simulation, routines simulations and airport procedures.

Real Equipment

Outdoor yard and real armored vehicle, available for practical simulations and extension courses.

Qualification for Private Security

We have an area of 2,800m² to ensure the best learning of professionals.

Security guard qualification
Security guard recycling
Extension in cash transport
Recycling in cash transport
Extension in armed escort
Recycling in armed escort
Extension in private personal safety
Recycling in private personal safety
Extension in non-lethal weapons I & II
Extension in large events
Condominiums safety (gate)
Safety supervisor
Armored vehicle team leader
Armored vehicle operational training
Conduction of dogs
Tactical immobilization and tonfa handling
Weapon maintenance
Electronic security
Alarm maintenance and assembly
CFTV maintenance and assembly
Armored vehicle defensive driving
Ethics for everyone

Qualification of Airport Services

Qualifying professionals for actuation in airports.

Qualification of security guards
AVSEC: Civil aviation safety
AVSEC for PAX, Air cargo and ground operations
AVSEC for crew
AVSEC for security guards
Update courses

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WhatsApp: (11) 94128-7898

Barra Funda TC: (11) 3618-4900

Santo Amaro TC: (11) 5642-3500 



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Proair TC: (11) 2440-9723





These are companies dedicated to the training, specialization and updating (recycling) of security guards and professionals qualified to work in security and other related activities at airports called AVSECs. Our training centers are accredited by the Federal Police and their courses are recognized throughout Brazil.

Provig offers all courses foreseen in Private Security legislation and controlled by the Federal Police, such as:


  • Qualification of security guards
    • Recycling of security guards
    • Extension in cash transportation
    • Recycling in extension in cash transportation
    • Extension in private personal safety
    • Recycling of extension in private personal safety
    • Extension in armed escort
    • Recycling of extension in armed escort
    • Extension in non-lethal weapons I
    • Extension in non-lethal weapons II
    • Extension in large events


We also offer extracurricular courses:

• Condominiums safety          (Entrance)
• Weapon maintenance
• Tactical immobilization and tonfa handling
• Electronic security systems
• Installation and maintenance of CCTV and alarms 
• Monitoring Center 
• Conduction of dogs 
• Safety supervisor

Proair Training Center continuously qualifies and recycles its employees by offering the following courses:

  • AVSEC: Civil aviation safety
  • AVSEC for PAX, air cargo and ground operations
  • AVSEC for crew
  • AVSEC for security guards

Update courses 

  • For persons wishing to enter the Private Security or Airport Services segment in operational activities, more specifically as a security guard, concierge, receptionist, access controller, monitoring  center operator and similar activities.
  • Professionals already active in the segment, but wanting to improve or update their knowledge.                                                                

Provig is affiliated with ABCFAV - Associação Brasileira de Centros de Formação e Aperfeiçoamento de Vigilantes (Brazilian Association of Security Guard Training and Improvement Centers) and SESVESP - Sindicato das Empresas de Segurança e Vigilância do Estado de São Paulo (Union of São Paulo State Security and Surveillance Companies).

It has an ISO 9001: 2015 quality certification.

A professional graduated at Provig who has the minimum requirements for an available position in the market, will be certainly more prepared and will be differentiated from the competitors.

Provig has 2 units in São Paulo. The head office is located at Rua Adalberto Kemeny, 55 – Barra Funda - São Paulo, and the branch at Av. João Dias, 1474 – Santo Amaro - São Paulo.

Our instructors have a diverse and specific qualification for our segment, including lawyers, psychologists, physical educators, administrators, private security managers, military police, fire brigade and prison administration staff, all of them have extensive experience in public and private security.

We have 20 classrooms, 2 tatami mats, 3 shooting stands, courtyards for practical activities, real armored vehicles for training, vehicles for practical escort and armed security classes, and a total area of ​​over 3,500 square meters dedicated to qualification of professionals.

In addition to the curricular courses controlled by the Federal Police and pre-formatted extracurricular courses, we also offer on-demand and in-company courses to meet specific demands.

21 years for curricular courses and 18 years for extracurricular courses.

Enrollment in the security guard qualification course requires:

  • Be a Brazilian citizen
    • Be over 21 years old
    • Be up to date with electoral and military obligations
    • Have an educational background corresponding to the 4th grade of elementary school
    • Have no criminal records

  • Pass a physical and mental health exam

Note: On the Provig website you will find the list of documents required to prove the above mentioned requirements.

The security guard course does not entitle to possession or ownership of a weapon as an ordinary citizen. The course only enables you to handle restricted-caliber weapon for exclusive use during your professional activity registered by a private security company authorized by the Federal Police.

At R. Siqueira Campos, 292 - Jardim São Paulo, Guarulhos - SP, 07110-110.