The safest path between two points.

The safest high-value cargo transportation for your company

With Cargo Logistics, load transportation is monitored 24 hours per day by our monitoring center, which remotely opens and locks the doors, and has an armed team of 4 security guards, all in constant communication during operation.

With new, modern and 100% armored vehicles, Cargo Logistics has an Operating Authorization issued by ANVISA to transport medicines, pharmaceutical inputs, cosmetics and related products, as well as to guarantee the controlled conditions of products in refrigerated and air conditioned vehicles all the way to the final client.

Your load is insured at one of the lowest Ad Valorem costs on the market, because with Cargo Logistics, your company can carry load with the amount up to 10 times higher than the allowed for conventional carriers.


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How does the Cargo Logistics of Grupo Protege works

Zero Claim Rate

No occurrence since the beginning of operations.

Monitored Safety

Remote door opening and close by the Monitoring Center.

Higher Productivity

Shipment of amount up to 10 times higher than allowed to conventional carriers.

Lowest Ad Valorem Cost

Its high level of armor enables the most competitive rate in the market.


Our solutions are designed and integrated according to your segment to optimize risk prevention and bring more security to your business.

To whom the Cargo Logistics is recommended






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Frequently asked questions about Cargo Logistics

It is the load transport service in armored and refrigerated trucks of Grupo Protege. The service is the transportation of high value-added valuables such as electronics, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, tobacco, among others.

The on-board team of 4 security guards collect the valuables at the client's designated location (distribution centers, industries, ports, airports and carriers) and ship the load in our armored truck after unlocking the doors, which is only authorized by the Monitoring Center of Grupo Protege.
In addition to risk management and 24-hour monitoring, the transportation has armed and constantly trained staff for conflict situations, ensuring security for the delivery of load at the final destination.

To industries, retailers, distributors, logistic operators, carriers, among others.

Some examples of products with more adherence to the service: computer products in general, telephony and related products, electronics and components, medicines, pharmaceutical chemical inputs, tobacco, among others.

Grupo Protege´s Cargo Logistics has a zero loss ratio, which demonstrates the effectiveness of our investments in the technology of our armored trucks, as well as the constant training of our collaborators.

  • Safety and reliability of delivery
  • Logistics operation planning and risk management executed by Grupo Protege's Corporate Security Department
  • Higher insurance coverage: up to 10 times higher than conventional transportation, plus better Ad Valorem        cost
  • Large loading limit
  • No need for armed escort
  • Elimination of Risk Management (GRIS) charge

Cargo Logistics operates nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Grupo Protege is standardized and complies with all private security legislation of Federal Police, Army and Public Security Offices. As a result, we have 4 armed security guards, boarded in armored trucks in all of our operations, as well as risk management and monitoring.
This set of attributions and our zero claims rate enables us to negotiate with our insurance companies a more competitive rate.

  • Trailers: Capacity 28 pallets | 28 Tons
  • Trucks: Capacity 14 pallets | 14 Tons
  • 3/4: Capacity 04 pallets | 04 Tons
  • All vehicles have a level III armor (maximum allowed by law) and air suspension. We have refrigerated trucks between 8⁰C and -20⁰C with real time temperature and humidity control.

Yes, our vehicles are manned by a team of 4 armed security guards that are trained for risk situations.

Yes, risk management and 24-hour monitoring is carried out by Grupo Protege´s  Corporate Security Department, bringing the experience of security to armored cargo transportation.

Through telephone: (11) 3156-9000 or send us your information and we will contact you.