More than 48 years in the market

Professionals prepared to serve and protect people

Quality in rendering of services is not only limited to structure and technology, but also and specifically about people. That is why, since 1971, the Grupo Protege's priority has been to invest and value its main asset: human resources. Today, almost half a century after its foundation, the Grupo Protege has over 16,000 collaborators, and the ongoing concern remains the same when the subject is constant training and valorization of each professional. We offer training, recognition, career plan and quality of life programs for all those that are part of the Protege community.

The result of all this care is clearly perceived in the trust and satisfaction of our clients from several segments. We believe that security is about having well thought out and structured services, as well as having a service made by people to protect people. Our team operates nationwide, providing value logistics services, cargo logistics, property security, security guard training and airport services. We have a fleet of over 1,800 vehicles, operated by trained and prepared professionals, who are pleased to be part of this group and meet the needs your company.

We are the Grupo Protege. We are professionals, ready to protect people.

Empresa de soluções em segurança pessoal e patrimonial. Grupo Protege


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professionals prepared and ready to serve and protect


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