From people to people: our real differential.

From people to people

Have you considered working in a group with experience and quality of service, which offers complete structure for your professional development and values ​​your work as part of a whole? This is how we do it here at Grupo Protege. After all, our care with people reflects directly on the excellence of our service.

Working at Grupo Protege is, every day, being proud to be part of a complete company, which continually invests in training and support of our teams, with structured career plans, always aiming at the valorization of our employees.

Working here is not just about having a job, it is about joining the Protege family.

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Check out some advantages of being part of Grupo Protege

Career Plan

Internal opportunities and career development incentives.

Professional Development

Ongoing training for professional development.


Valorization of internal talents with honors and awards.

Personal Development

Health benefits and quality of life for our employees and their families.