Valorização de nosso mais importante ativo: as pessoas.

Iniciativas do Grupo Protege

Reconhecimento e motivação são fatores essenciais para que nossos colaboradores continuem realizando um ótimo serviço. Por esse motivo, o Grupo Protege se preocupa em oferecer algumas atividades e premiações para as pessoas que fazem parte do time.


The Proativo Club is a program focused on the health and well-being of our employees and their families through the encouragement of sport and practice of physical activities.

Respecting the individuality of the participants, the Club has a unique application for personalized training, guided by a professional and members can also join a gympass that offers discounts in more than 17,000 gyms throughout Brazil.


The Club also offers incentives to participate in races, such as running, hiking, and other competitions, as well as keeping members engaged with health, wellness, and club-exclusive newsletters that encourage sharing of photos and posts.


To assist our employees in their development, we created the Grupo Protege Corporate University, which brings knowledge and information to our professionals across Brazil through:

Online Learning Trails & Training

All positions have specific courses in order to provide the evolution of our professionals. The courses are selected according to the behavioral and technical skills of each position, thus forming the individual track of each position. Grupo Protege also has an annual training plan designed for business needs and legal obligations.

Partnerships with educational institutions

In order to encourage the professional and personal development of its employees, Grupo Protege has a partnership with more than 150 institutions that offer discounts at technical schools, language schools and universities.

Managers’ Development Program

The PDG (Programa de Desenvolvimento de Gestores) (Managers Development Program) objective is to identify talents that have a profile and potential to actuate as future managers within the company.

Trainee Program

With more than 10 launched editions, the program looks to hire newly graduated talents to train and fill strategic positions within Grupo Protege.


Annual meeting that brings sales executives and managers from all over Brazil to inspire and engage our team to adopt new behaviors and attitudes. During the days of the event, our professionals participate in workshops, lectures with renowned experts, as well as discuss the expected results and strategic direction of the company.


It is fundamental to recognize and encourage our main asset: people. That is why we count on internal initiatives to value and develop our employees.

Check our main initiatives:

Outstanding Program

The Programa de Destaques (Outstanding Program) is divided into: Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year and National Top 15 Employees of the Year. This initiative aims to recognize employees who stood out in their activities, acting differently in favor of the company. The employee of the Month and of the Year are communicated internally throughout the Grupo, and the Top 15 are awarded at the Grupo Protege year-end party.

Tradition and Recognition

Employees with 10, 20 and 30 years of service in the company are honored for their time of dedication to Grupo Protege, with the granting of a personalized watch and a certificate at year-end-party, where they are personally greeted by our president.

Honor to Merit

The program is intended to honor our employees who had some exemplary attitude, related to a problem solving for our company, as well as for our clients.

Organizational environment research

An annual Environment Survey is conducted at the company, mapping the work environment in relation to employee satisfaction covering several criteria, such as colleagues, immediate superior, HR programs, work tools, among others. This initiative gives us feedback from employees, increasing the possibilities for internal improvements.

Career Plan

In accordance with our Career Plan, we give priority to internal recruitment, allowing our vacancies to be filled by employees of Grupo Protege. This creates a variety of promotional opportunities and encourages the recognition and engagement of our professionals.


Solidarity directs/guides this aspect of the Group, investing in several social actions, resulting in valuable returns to the society.

Social responsibility

Grupo Protege is concerned with contributing to the society in which we live through development and socio-cultural practice in the communities we operate. Through incentive laws, we have been able to support more than 10 NGOs, as well as working for the Protege Community, made up of family members, clients, suppliers, partners and all those around the Grupo Protege throughout Brazil.

Support to employees

Through a partnership, all our employees can call a telephone number, managed by psychologists and other qualified professionals, to receive legal or financial support or advice.