The Protege Group sponsors the feature film Minha Mãe é uma Peça

The Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the comedy film Minha Mãe é uma Peça (“Mom is quite something”), which is based on a play that has entertained more than 1 million Brazilians to date. Directed by André Pellenz, the feature film hits the theaters nationwide on June 21.

In the film, Paulo Gustavo plays Dona Hermínia, a character inspired by his own mother, a middle-aged, retired, divorced woman who has to cope with the mischief of her children, Juliano and Marcelina. She is a devoted mother and is always concerned about them, but they have grown up and no longer need her that much, which annoys her. As she doesn’t work, has no partner, nor any small children to look after, Dona Herminia spends her day complaining about her problems to her elderly aunt, her gossipy neighbor and her confidant friend.

The cast includes Ingrid Guimarães, Herson Capri, Mariana Xavier, Monica Martelli and Rodrigo Pandolfo, among other names of the national performing arts.