Stories that change the history of many children

Included in the several actions it performs to help in the development of Brazilian children, Banco Itaú – one of the Protege Group’s clients – has launched a campaign that invites all society to contribute to child education with a single gesture: reading for children who are 6 or younger.

To receive the Itaú Collection of Children’s Books, those interested have to visit the website,fill out the form, and request the books. Once you do that, you have taken on the commitment to read those books to your children, nephews/nieces, and grandchildren, and then pass them along so that another person can do the same.

A total of 16 million books will be distributed all over Brazil. It is an amazing contribution Itaú is giving to educate our children.
In order to support such an initiative, Protege has already handed out books to its entire administrative department. Join the campaign!