Manpower Development

Manpower Development & Training

Provig, a company of the Protege Group, specializes in manpower development, training, and specialization, focused mainly on security.

With a diversified and constantly updated range of courses, Provig is currently the best option to train security agents and guards.

Provig is a pioneer in training how to use compliance weapons, such as pepper sprays, electroshock weapons, .12 caliber rubber and tear gas ammunition, smoke and tear grenades, and weapons that allow the security guard to immobilize his/her target, thus avoiding physical contact with the assailant or the use of lethal weapons.

  • All courses are authorized and constantly audited by the Federal Police Department (DPF, acronym in Portuguese).
  • Training and refreshing of security agents
  • Extension course for armored cars
  • Extension course for Personal Security Guards (VSPP, acronym in Portuguese)
  • Courses on compliance weapons

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