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Security Services & Solutions

The Protege Group has one of the widest range of private security services in Brazil.

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Valuables Logistics

Valuables transportation, processing of cash and checks, custody, ATM’s, banking back-office.


Special Services

Treasury and ticket office at events, cashier, toll booth, reception, gate-keeping, floor inspection.


Assets Security

Assets security, risk management and analysis (special projects), armed escort, Personal Security (VSPP, acronym in Portuguese), complementary services (reception, gate-keeping, floor inspection, among others).


Electronic Security

Electronic invasion detection systems (alarms), closed circuit TV (CCTV), access control, remote image and alarm monitoring, training for projects involving IP technology.


Airport Services

Ground handling, protection, movement and handling of cargo, executive aviation.


Manpower Development & Training

Training and refreshing of security agents, extension course for armored cars, Personal Security, Courses on compliance weapons.