Transeguro Incorporation

Transeguro was founded in 1981 and acquired by the Protege Group in May 2010. Protege Group’s vision of expansion, together with Transeguro’s sound financial health and flawless corporate governance, formed the ideal combination of factors for the acquisition of the company, present in 2 states and featuring 5 operational bases in the cities of Rio Branco, Cruzeiro do Sul, Porto Velho, Ji-Paraná and Vilhena.

Protege Group at Intermodal South America

The Protege Group is going to participate in the Intermodal South America – International Logistics, Cargo Transport and Foreign Trade Fair. It is considered the second largest event worldwide for those sectors and will be held on April 1-3, from 01:00 pm to 09:00 pm, at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo. The fair should gather over 300 domestic and international exhibitors, as well as more than 45,000 visitors.

Protege is going to present the Carga Segura to that public – a service designed to ensure the integrity of transported supplies, electronics and luxury goods, among others. Its features include its transportation capacity of approximately R$ 10 million in products by armored trucks, which eliminates the idle space often found in escorted trucks. Additionally, that service offers higher insurance limits and lower costs than traditional carriers.

All trucks are manned by a team of four armed and trained guards, eliminating the traditional escort vehicle. The trucks are tracked by Protege’s monitoring center, which also controls its remote door opening and locking system.

Protege Group sponsors Rita Lee mora ao lado musical

The Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the Rita Lee mora ao lado (Rita Lee lives next door) musical. The play is based on the book by Henry Bartsch and directed by Márcio Macena and Deborah Dubois. Rita Lee mora ao lado will be released on April 4 at Sao Paulo’s Teatro das Artes.

Mel Lisboa plays the leading part in the musical and is accompanied by six musicians. The hits they perform include Agora só falta você, Saúde, Banho de espuma, Caso sério and Ando meio desligado.

5th Proforte Solidarity Rally

In March, Proforte, a Protege Group company, took part in the 5th Solidarity Rally and contributed to the collection of food baskets, clothes, and toys aimed at hundreds of families of the Chapada Gaucha and Montalvânia regions, making it a full success.

The event, created by entrepreneur Fredson Lopes França, started in 2010 and has collected more than 20 tons of food through donations and volunteer support.

Protege Group sponsors the feature film Alemão

The Protege Group is a strong supporter and promoter of Brazilian cinema and currently sponsors a film called Alemão. The feature film, written by Gabriel Martins and directed by José Eduardo Belmonte, is based on the police occupation operation of the Complexo do Alemão, a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro, in 2010. Alemão will be released on March 13 in movie theaters.

The film tells the story of five undercover police officers who infiltrate the shantytown community to roll out the invasion plan of the Alemão, but their identities and the covert operation are discovered by traffickers, who start a permanent quest to eliminate the police officers.

Completely cut off from the command network, the undercover agents take refuge in the basement of a shantytown pizzeria, are almost out of food and face a race against time. The drama tells the story of unknown heroes who went through one of the most dramatic episodes of the fight against trafficking and violence in Brazil.
Cauã Reymond, Antônio Fagundes, Caio Blat, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Otávio Muller, Milhem Cortaz, Mariana Nunes, Marcello Melo Jr., and Mc Smith are part of the cast, among others.

Protege Group security guards are awarded by Banco Itaú

Five Protege Group employees were selected by the Security Guard Highlight of the Year 2013 Program sponsored by Banco Itaú.
The program evaluates the security guards for their cordiality, friendliness, politeness, and attitude, as well as for their behavioral background.
We congratulate our awarded employees!

Protege sponsors Little Prince Hospital (Pequeno Príncipe)

From now on, Brazil’s largest pediatric hospital of medium and high complexity relies on Protege’s support as well. The institution, which currently features three units (Little Prince Hospital, Little Prince Colleges, and Pelé Little Prince Research Institute) is located in Curitiba (PR) and focuses on reducing infant-juvenile mortality.

Protege Group in charge of the official security at the ‘Natal do Bem 2013’ for the third consecutive year

The charity event, organized by the Group of Business Leaders and LIDE Solidarity, took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Sao Paulo and included celebrities, businessmen and politicians.
In its 11th edition, ‘Natal do Bem’ featured the special participation of the TV presenter Xuxa and the singer Michel Teló. All the funds raised by the event were donated to supported institutions.

Protege Group Party 2013

Much of our achievements are due to the involvement of our employees and that’s why we honor those who complete 10, 20 and 30 years of dedication to the Protege Group at the end of each year. This time, 74 employees counting 20 years of service were invited to the party, as well as 313 employees who completed 10 years and the 15 best employees of the year. Not only the solemnity of the tributes was shot, but everyone also took pictures with the Group President, Mr. Marcelo Baptista, and enjoyed an exclusive Jota Quest concert with their companions in a relaxed atmosphere that promoted integration among participants.

Salvador Branch receives Diversity Seal recertification

The Salvador branch has once again received the Racial and Ethnic Diversity seal, which confirms the company’s commitment to respecting and promoting diversity in the labor market, appreciating Afro-descendant employees and their culture.

The initiative aims to strengthen diversity in the labor market by signing a commitment agreement between the City of Salvador, represented by Semur, and the interested organizations. It also aims to publicly recognize racial equality actions of people management policies and marketing of public, private and civil society organizations.

Protege announces the inauguration of another operational base.

The new facility is located in the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre. This is the second Protege base in that state and the sixth one the northern region of Brazil.
With its 500 m², 25 employees and 3 armored cars, the new base offers transport of valuables and provides asset and electronic security services.
The Group thus strengthens its strategy and expands its presence, totaling 44 operational bases in Brazil.

Protege Group sponsors the movie Until Luck Do Us Part 2

Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the movie Until Luck Do Us Part 2 (Até que a sorte nos separe 2, original title). The first part of the movie premiered in 2012, and was also sponsored by Protege, being the best premiere of a Brazilian movie in that year, with an audience of more than 3 million viewers. Directed by Roberto Santucci, the sequence of the comedy premieres in movie theaters throughout Brazil on December 27.

This comedy tells the history of Tino and Jane who, along with their children Teté and Juninho, are once again facing financial trouble. The bank account balance of the couple is saved thanks to the unexpected decease of uncle Olavinho, who left them with a R$ 100 million inheritance. As the last wish of the uncle was that his ashes should be thrown over the Grand Canyon, Tino and his family set forth on an expedition to the US, and take the opportunity to also visit Las Vegas.

Leandro Hassum, Camila Morgado, Kiko Mascarenhas, Rita Elmôr, Henry Fiuka and Júlia Dalávia take part in the movie, among other names of the national dramatic art, in addition to Anderson Silva and the American comedian Jerry Lewis.

The Protege Group was featured in Veja SP magazine

The article, published on Saturday (05/10), highlights the significant increase in women’s presence in the surveillance industry.

Click on the image and check it out.

Proforte, from the Protege Group, to attend the 27th Superminas Food Show.

Proforte, a company from the Protege Group specialized in security solutions and services, will attend the 27th Superminas Food Show 2013, a food retailing congress and fair in Brazil, aimed at service, baking, drinks and fresh produce sectors. The event, organized by the Boards of the Baking Industry Union and Association of the State of Minas Gerais (Amipão) and the Supermarket Association of of the State of Minas Gerais (AMIS) will be held from October 22 to 24 at Expominas, Belo Horizonte.

Protege Group is a highlight in the As Melhores da Dinheiro award

Protege Group is a highlight in the segment of Specialized Services of the 2013 edition of the As Melhores da Dinheiro award. The award is an important tool for the corporate world, for gathering a list of companies and analyzes of winners in 26 rankings of the Brazilian economy most important industries.

Protege Group is ranked in the 553rd position amongst the thousand biggest companies of the Valor 1000 yearbook

Protege Group is ranked in the 553rd position amongst the thousand biggest companies analyzed by Valor 1000. Regarded as the most complete year book of companies´ evaluation in operation in Brazil, this yearbook provides an overview of companies, comprehensive analyzes of performance, and comparisons between the biggest Brazilian companies and the most important companies and industries.

ExpoPostos & Conveniência

The Protege Group marked its presence at the ExpoPostos & Conveniência 2013, an international fair and forum aimed at service stations, equipment, convenience stores and food services. Promoted by ABIEPS – The Brazilian Service Station Equipment Industry Association, by FECOMBUSTÍVEIS – The National Federation of Fuel and Lubricant Retailers, and SINDICOM – The National Association of Fuel and Lubricant Distributors, the event took place from August 27 to 29 at the Expo Center Norte, São Paulo.

The fair is aimed at service station and convenience store owners throughout Brazil, franchised convenience stores, executives of fuel distributors and convenience stores, equipment manufacturers, technical experts and consultants, as well as service providers.

Protege Group receives the Época 360º yearbook award

The Protege Group was awarded the Época Negócios 360o Prize, which highlights Brazil’s best companies. Two Group companies, Protege and Proforte, were awarded. Protege, shortlisted in the top five companies of the transportation industry, got the award in the Future Vision and Human Resources segments.

Proforte, which also ranked among the top five companies in the finance, future vision, human resources and innovation segments of the transportation sector – construction and leasing, was awarded in that segment. To select the companies, the Época Negócios team evaluates the largest Brazilian companies based on six criteria: financial health, corporate governance, innovation capacity, HR policies, social and environmental responsibility, and future vision.

The Protege Group sponsors the motion film “Se puder… Dirija!”

The Protege Group is among the sponsors of “Se puder… Dirija” (“Drive!… if you can”, non-official English title), the first ‘live action’ Brazilian motion picture filmed in 3D. The film, directed by Paulo Fontenelle, is the 4th feature film sponsored by the Group and hits theaters around the country on August 30.

Luiz Fernando Guimarães plays João, Ana’s former husband and the absent father of Quinho. After promising his wife that he will spend the day with their son, João must find a way to leave work early. And because not everything in life goes as planned, he ‘borrows’ the car of Dr. Márcia, a client of the parking he works at. From then on, John is on a mission: meet his son and get back in time before the car owner notices that her vehicle is missing. His plan turns into a great Odyssey and João engages in several adventures with his son and the dog Moleque. A light and humorous story in which everything goes wrong.

Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Leandro Hassum, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Lavínia Vlasak, Eri Johnson, and Bárbara Paz, among other famous Brazilian actors, are part of the cast.

Confederations Cup Tickets rely on Protege’s safety

Because we protect and transport everything that’s important to you.

The Confederations Cup starts on June 15 and more than 70,000 spectators are going to watch the match between Brazil and Japan at Brasilia’s new National Stadium. What few people know is that the Protege Group participated in the event to ensure its smooth operation. The company was in charge of the safe air and ground transportation of approximately 1,750 tickets from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia (match site).

The team, made up of one lightweight and one armored car, collected the tickets and headed for the Galeão (RJ) airport, where the ticket bags were loaded into the aircraft. In Brasilia, the ground operation featured two armored cars, which took care of the ticket bags from the airport to their destination, delivering them safely.

Proair signs contract with Ethiopian Airways to service their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Proair, a company of the Protege Group, has signed a contract to provide ground handling services to Ethiopian Airways, the first airline to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Brazil and to offer direct flights between Brazil and Ethiopia.
The largest Brazilian company in its segment, Proair specializes in a wide range of ground services supporting aircrafts, airlines, business jets, check-in services and management of VIP lounges.
The new route, which connects the Ethiopian capital to São Paulo, makes life easier for Brazilians working in West Africa and certainly will increase the flow of tourists in the country.

The Protege Group sponsors the feature film Minha Mãe é uma Peça

The Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the comedy film Minha Mãe é uma Peça (“Mom is quite something”), which is based on a play that has entertained more than 1 million Brazilians to date. Directed by André Pellenz, the feature film hits the theaters nationwide on June 21.

In the film, Paulo Gustavo plays Dona Hermínia, a character inspired by his own mother, a middle-aged, retired, divorced woman who has to cope with the mischief of her children, Juliano and Marcelina. She is a devoted mother and is always concerned about them, but they have grown up and no longer need her that much, which annoys her. As she doesn’t work, has no partner, nor any small children to look after, Dona Herminia spends her day complaining about her problems to her elderly aunt, her gossipy neighbor and her confidant friend.

The cast includes Ingrid Guimarães, Herson Capri, Mariana Xavier, Monica Martelli and Rodrigo Pandolfo, among other names of the national performing arts.

12º Comandatuba Business Forum

For the ninth consecutive year, we were in charge of security of the Comandatuba Business Forum – The largest Brazilian business meeting, held on April 27-30 at the Hotel Transamerica on the Island of Comandatuba, Bahia.

To ensure the tranquility and safety of the participants, Protege’s Risk Analysis and Management Team developed an exclusive project including electronic monitoring infrastructure and the presence of 20 guards to support the operation. The Comandatuba Forum has been promoted by LIDE, a group of business leaders; it offers a series of seminars attended by ministers, governors, mayors, parliamentarians, as well as by entrepreneurs and other personalities, favoring a debate that focuses on Brazil’s development.

Protege Group announces acquisition of SEAVIATION

As part of its strategic growth plan in the airport segment, the Protege Group has now acquired SEAVIATION. That association makes Proair, which has been operating in the segment for 20 years, one of the largest and most important companies in airport protection services and Ground Handing in Brazil.

Prior to the acquisition, Proair was operating in 30 domestic airports, handling 9,000 flights. From now on, it will handle more than 20,000 flights and mark a significant presence in major airports, such as Brasilia and Porto Alegre, as well as expand its activities at the international airports of Guarulhos (Cumbica) and Rio de Janeiro (Galeão).

Grupo Protege marks its presence at the XVI Exposec

Grupo Protege marks its presence at the XVI Exposec – International Security Fair, one of the most important fairs in the security industry. The event takes place on May 14-16 at the Imigrantes Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo and gathers providers, professionals and entrepreneurs of that industry, aiming to present custom solutions and projects, anticipate trends, and offer fair visitors a wide range of business opportunities.

On that occasion, Protege will be launching its new armored car model that was developed by surveying the trends of the value transportation market in Brazil and worldwide. The new model is smaller and lighter than the current ones, but it features the same load and storage capacities, as well as the same safety guarantee of transported goods.

In addition to its new armored car, Protege will also present different options of integrated security projects and solutions.

Program of Excellence in Malls

Shopping Curitiba, a Protege business partner, won the Mall Excellence Program by BrMalls. The program, which aims to standardize processes, increase revenues, reduce costs and mitigate risks, includes a thorough audit of procedures and documents which must be submitted to the auditor on a monthly basis.

Protege has contributed directly to that victory and keeps working to achieve another one in 2013.

The Protege Group participates in the 1st National Retail Forum

Protege was present at the 1st National Retail Forum. Promoted by LIDE, the Business Leaders Group lead by journalist João Doria Jr., the event took place on March 22, 23 and 24 at the Sofitel Jequitimar Hotel, in the seaside city of Guarujá, SP.

Using “The Contribution of Retail to the Economic and Social Development of the Country” as the central theme of the meeting, businessmen/women, retailers, political leaders, and specialists debated Brazilian retail issues and discussed concepts, opportunities, development, technologies, and the position of the sector in Brazil. During the event, Protege took the floor to present its Intelligent Vault.

A Security SUV

Protege is developing a lighter, more agile and economical armored car. But don’t let appearances deceive you: it is still very tough.
By Luciele VELLUTO

In 2004, at the wedding ceremony of Mário Baptista, general director of the group of security service providers Protege, an armored car decorated with the traditional strings of well-wishing messages and empty beverage cans was waiting for the just-married couple to exit the Church of Our Lady of Brazil, in São Paulo, to take them to the wedding party. The couple’s safety, however, was not Baptista’s main concern. In fact, he is such an enthusiast for these armored vaults on wheels that he came up with the idea to use one of them at his wedding. Baptista is so passionate about armored cars that he decided to develop this lighter model in partnership both with armored car manufacturer MIB Blindados and with MAN, Volkswagen’s truck division.

Dubbed “armored jeep”, Protege’s new SUV is smaller and lighter than traditional armored cars. “With this model, we’ll be able to serve more customers in less time.” A prototype of the armored jeep has already been operating in the streets of São Paulo for three months. Tests conducted during this time show that the car uses less fuel and emits 15% less pollutants than regular armored cars. “We also expect lower maintenance costs,” says Baptista. Currently, Protege has 1100 armored cars at work. The question is whether these operational gains will be enough to cover the higher production costs of the armored jeep.

The SUV is priced at about R$240,000 [roughly US$120,000], which makes it 50% more expensive than traditional armored vehicles. The higher price tag is a result of the armoring technology that is applied in the car to allow using lighter armor plating. The success of recent innovations introduced by the company indicates that this SUV may be viable after all. At the request of a client in 2011, Protege launched an armored truck for the shipment of high-value merchandise, such as electronic products. The demand was so great that the company decided to make such vehicles definitely part of its fleet. Over the next two years, Protege expects to invest R$10 million [US$5 million] in the manufacture of trucks of this type.

Source: Istoé Dinheiro

The Protege Group presents Safe Cargo at the Intermodal South America trade fair

Protege will be present at the 19th Intermodal South America – International Trade Fair for Logistics, Cargo Transportation, and Foreign Trade. The event will take place on April 2 – 4, from 1 PM to 9 PM, at the São Paulo Transamerica Expo Center. Forty-five thousand visitors are expected to attend.

For further information or to preregister, go to

The Protege Group is an exhibitor in the Super Rio Expofood.

The Protege Group will be an exhibitor at the 25th Super Rio Expofood. Considered one of the largest trade shows of the sector in Latin America, Expofood is held in Pavilion 4 of the Riocentro from March 19 through 21 in the City of Rio de Janeiro. Four hundred booths will be installed for the event and a total of 50 thousand visitors are expected to visit the show.

Our booth will be located at I Street, nº 17.

For further information about the event or to register, go to

The Good Will Christmas program has already collected R$14 million [about US$7 million], which will be given to charity institutions.

This event, which was promoted by LIDE (Business Leaders Group) and LIDE Solidarity, is the brainchild of João Doria Jr., Sergio de Nadai, Paulo Zottolo and Cesar Giobbi, and once again gathered many celebrities and important business leaders for a fund raising dinner.

The Protege Group took care of the official security for the event, which raised more than R$14 million this year. The entire amount will be given to the following institutions: Instituto Pró-Queimados [Institute for Burn Victims] (SP); Lar do Caminho [Home on the Way] (SP); Pinhalzinho City Hospital (SC) and Xuxa Meneghel Foundation.

Protege increases its investment in social responsibility.

Social responsibility is one of Protege’s fuels. In line with this concept, the company took on a new commitment: We are now partners with GRAACC.
GRAACC, the Support Group for Adolescents and Children with Cancer, is a non-profit institution that was created in 1991 to give children and adolescents a chance of cure with a good quality of life and advanced scientific standards.

For further information, visit

The Protege Group implements security measures in the Brazilian Soccer Federation (CBF) expo booth.

From November 24 through 28, the City of Rio de Janeiro hosted Expo Soccorex. Celebrated athletes as well as CBF’s president, José Maria Marin, supported this event –one of the most important soccer trade shows in the world.

The Protege Group was there to ensure the safety of the Jules Rimet and Copa Roca cups, which were on exhibit in the Brazilian Soccer Federation booth.

The Protege Group backs national movies

Once again, the Protege Group invests in cultural events and promotes national movies. This time, Protege appears in the credits as one of the sponsors of “Till death do us part”, a film directed by Roberto Santucci. The comedy, which is freely inspired by Gustavo Cerbasi’s best-seller “Intelligent Couples Get Rich together”, tells the story of a couple who wins the lottery, but for lack of financial planning revert to poverty.

The film has already brought more than 2 million viewers to the theaters since its launching on October 5, which made it the top release among national movies in 2012.

Protege participates in the 46th ABRAS Convention.

Protege was present at the largest and most important meeting of the Brazilian supermarket sector leaders. The event, which was organized by ABRAS (the Brazilian Association of Supermarketers), was held on September 18,19 and 20 at the Bourbon Atibaia Resort & Spa Hotel to discuss current trends and innovations with more than 700 wholesalers and supermarketers operating in the country.

During the trade fair, our visitors were shown solutions in Video Analysis, a video management software, and an Intelligent Vault – a cash deposit system that allows quick, real-time storage of currency.

Operation Bases of the Protege Group are granted the Prêmio Top Garra Itaú [Itaú Top Tenacity Award].

In recognition of the services rendered by the Protege Group, Banco Itaú awarded its Top Tenacity Award to the company’s operation bases in the cities of Pelotas (RS), São José do Rio Preto (SP), Bauru (SP), Foz do Iguaçu (PR) and Curitiba (PR). These bases were selected for delivering outstanding results, according to a client-implemented indicator that has been measuring the efficiency of our operations at Itaú ATM’s since September 2011.

Protege guarantees to keep the new Palmeiras soccer team’s jerseys under wraps

Last Tuesday (21), Palmeiras fans and spectators were given the one-time chance to be the first to see the new shirts to be worn on the field by their favorite team’s players.
This Adidas promotion, which is branded “Green-White Treasure”, has been scheduled for the whole week, and Protege is responsible for ensuring the protection and exclusiveness of this experience.

The growth of the Protege Group is highlighted on Globo News TV program.

With an annual income in excess of R$1 billion and a workforce of more than twenty thousand people, the Protege Group ranks among the leading safety solution companies in the country. The “10 O’Clock News” program reported it as a success story. The feature, which covered the private security market in Brazil, also highlighted the working hours and training structure used by Provig.

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Source: G1

The private security sector income has grown by 25% during the past decade. Its development has prompted the government to prepare a new law.

As one of the biggest and most traditional companies in the sector, the Protege Group believes that the government’s initiative may generate benefits: “The new legislation imposes stricter criteria for the qualification of capable companies and will therefore improve the level of competition,” says Mário Baptista de Oliveira, the company’s general director.

For the full story, go to

Marcelo Baptista: Protege seeks acquisitions in neighboring countries.

Marcelo Baptista: Protege seeks acquisitions in neighboring countries.
Mr. Marcelo Baptista de Oliveira, Protege Group’s president, gave us an interview in the “Chat with Presidents” segment of the Exame Magazine portal.

The interview provides an opportunity to learn how this business progressed from 10 employees and 6 vehicles to a corporate group employing more than 21,000 people, and how Protege – one of the largest and most traditional private security companies in the country – has become a benchmark for the sector.

Exame Magazine Portal

The Grupo Protege received another award: The “VAGAS 10+ Qualidade de Relacionamento com Candidatos/ (The VAGAS 10+ Relationship Quality Applicants)”.

In May, The Grupo Protege received another award: The “VAGAS 10+ Qualidade de Relacionamento com Candidatos/ (The VAGAS 10+ Relationship Quality Applicants)”.

This Award is an initiative of VAGAS, one of the leading recruitment companies in Brazil, which aims to provide objective data for companies based on perceived quality of relationships with applicants of theirs selections processes and recognize those (companies) which provide a service better quality, according to an evaluation of the applicants.

Every month, are presented the 10 best companies assessed by the applicants site career, Thus, the VAGAS want to recognize companies that invest in better relationships with their applicants and encourage all companies to continue improving the work of their team selection.

This is another form of recognition of the excellence of services provide by the Grupo Protege.

Grupo Protege sponsors Heleno, Brazilian film production

O Príncipe Maldito

Protege for the first time encourages the national cinema by sponsoring “Heleno – O príncipe maldito “. The national debut takes place on March 23th.

The company, which will be responsible for the safety of premieres in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, intends to continue investing in cinema. “We believe that supporting a production as Heleno encourages culture in the country, besides facilitating the younger ones to know a character so interesting in the history of our soccer,” says Mario Baptista de Oliveira, General Director of Grupo Protege.

In the movie Rodrigo Santoro, Brazilian famous actor, plays Heleno de Freitas, one of the main idols of Botafogo, an important time from Rio de Janeiro. The production attended the Toronto International Film Festival (2011), International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana in 2011 (for best actor Rodrigo Santoro) and has confirmed participation in the International Festival of Cartagena the Miami International Film Festival.

Grupo Protege leaders meeting

In February 09 and 10 was held the leaders meeting at Grupo Protege, which was attended by all managers, from the operational bases and administrative units, comprising approximately 100 people.

The opening event was held by Mr. Marcelo Baptista de Oliveira – President of the group, and rely on the presence of Prof. Vicente Falconi, founder of the consulting INDG and author of ” O Verdadeiro Poder “, which gave a speech kicking off the discussion about the role of the manager.

Over the two days were carried out several activities related to the theme, including the participation of the four Directors, who had the opportunity to discuss the same subject, however, within their respective area of expertise.

Near the end of the event was to disseminate the results achieved by the company in 2011 and goals for this year.

Christmas atmosphere was solidarity at Grupo Protege

Grupo Protege turned the year squandering solidarity and spirit of Christmas. With the involvement of its employees, the company continued its social responsibility projects and organized a Christmas campaign that benefited hundreds of underprivileged children of São Paulo, Campinas, Guarulhos and Belo Horizonte.

The institution chosen by the Corporate Area and South Base and Guarulhos/SP was Casas Taiguara, which offers residential institutions and shelters for homeless children and teenagers, especially those who are on the streets of Sao Paulo. The employees of the group sponsored all children and adolescents of the project, presenting them with kits containing toys, clothes and shoes as well as contributing to the achievement of the Christmas supper at the institution.

At Base West, the Christmas campaign received help from employees of various operational and administrative sectors. The sum of the money raised was used to buy food, diapers and personal hygiene materials and cleaning. The delivery took place on 19/12 for the institution ” Lar Abrigo Saint Germain “, a place that cares for children from 0 to 12 years. Some shoes, clothes, games and toys collected were also donated to APAE Barueri.

In Campinas, country side from São Paulo, the campaign started earlier, on 16/12/11, when the gifts were donated to the children of the Eufraten Foundation. The action brought joy and awakened our people to solidarity. The participation of staff (extremely involved and interested) allowed an afternoon filled with hot attractions like the trampoline, the pogo stick, cotton candy, hot dogs, soda, and much solidarity.

Belo Horizonte has already helped Happy Child Day Care Home, which is maintained by the local community for 10 years and serves children from 01 to 16 years of age. Employees raised the base food, food baskets and clothing.

Grupo Protege was featured in the ranking “Maiores e Melhores” from Transporte Moderno magazine

Grupo Protege was featured in the ranking of the “Maiores e Melhores”, promoted at the end of last year by the magazine Modern Transport, one of the best-respected in the industry in the country.

The group’s performance was among the best in all categories, and in two (Best in Return on Equity and Return on Top in Net Revenue) appeared at the top of the list.

This achievement proves once again the strength of the company, reinforcing the Group’s commitment to protect with the highest standards of corporate governance.

Ranking Maiores e Melhores

Grupo Protege – The official security company of the 9th edition of “Natal do Bem”

Grupo Protege was the official security company of “Natal do Bem”, the third largest charity event in Brazil dedicated to generating funds for charities.

The event took place on December 19th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in São Paulo and, in its ninth edition; it has raised more than $ 12 million. The funds raised were fully reverted to several Brazilian institutions.

This is another event that consolidates the partnership between Grupo Protege and LIDE – Business Leaders Group.

Protege Group supplies security
to “Prêmio Líderes do Brasil 2011”

Protege was the official security supplier of “Prêmio Líderes do Brasil 2011” organized by Grupo Doria. The event, which aimed to recognize and elect the most influential leaders of public and private sectors of the country in twenty different categories, was held on December 7, at Palacio dos Bandeirantes in Sao Paulo.
About nine hundred guests attended this great feast, and representing Protege Mr. Mario Baptista de Oliveira, General Director of the Group. Prominent businessmen, public figures – such as ministers and parliamentary -, opinion makers and readers of the Brasil Econômico journal were present to honor the winners of the awards.

Viewers from all over Brazil could watch every moment of the event, which was broadcasted live on with flashes and TV stations SBT +, as well as the site of Brasil Econômico, which guaranteed access to Internet users around the world.

Protege is indicated among the Top 100 Suppliers to HR 2012

Selo Melhores Fornecedores para RH

Protege Group is once again among the largest companies in Brazil. After appearing in the top 10 most profitable companies in the country, according to the Valor 1000, is officially nominated for the sixth edition of the list of “Top 100 Suppliers to HR,” an accomplishment of the journal Management & HR, important vehicle of communication sector.

In this first phase of selection, Protege has among the most voted by professionals, and won the right to compete for up to one hundred open positions to the list of the best providers of HR 2012, in Brazil.

After securing the inscription on the sixth edition, Protege will be reviewed by HR of the thousand and one thousand largest companies best companies to work for according to the magazine Exame, and be evaluated by their customers, through a questionnaire applied by a process 100% electronic, with a system validated by the election of “most Admired HRs in Brazil,” conducted by the HR & Management in the last five years with support from Deloitte Consulting.
We thank each of the nominations for the “100 Best Suppliers HR 2012” and is proud to participate in the final stage of selection of this important research

Protege twice champion among the 10 most profitable companies of Valor 1000

Protege Group twice champion among the 10 most profitable companies of Valor 1000

The 2011 edition of the journal Valor 1000, special publication of the newspaper Valor Economico, said that the Protege Group is one of the most profitable in the sector of the Transport and Logistics for the second time

As in 2010, the Group is once again in first place of the 10 most profitable (net profit on equity), reaching 78.4%.

The publication, which is in 11th edition, presents the thousand largest companies in 25 sectors and highlights of each region by net revenue based on last balance sheet. The award was developed in partnership with the School of Business Administration of Sao Paulo’s Getulio Vargas Foundation (EAESP / FGV-SP) and the Serasa Experian.

To complete the participation in the publication, the group ran a double-page ad (pp. 254/255), which highlights the championship won, a result of the commitment and capacity of its 18,000 employees.

Protege receives Seal of Racial Diversity

Seal of Racial Diversity in the Labour Market

On August 4th, Protege received the Seal of Racial Diversity in the Labour Market, awarded by Salvador’s city hall

The certificate, which is an initiative to recognize the actions to promote racial equality in human resource policies of public companies, private and third sector of the city of Salvador, illustrates Protege’s commitment in value and promote diversity in the market work.

The figures confirm: among the company’s employees in Brazil, 27% are black and brown – a number that grew 32% between 2010 and 2011. By analyzing only the staff of Salvador, this percentage is growing exponentially: in that city, 96% of employees are black and brown.

Congratulations to Grupo Protege by this achievement and recognition.

Proair presents airport solutions at the 1st Airport Infra Expo

Between April 26th and 28th, the first edition of Airport Infra Expo was held – an event especially oriented to the chain of products and services for airport operation – and Proair was present with two booths: one in the outer area and another in the inner area.

In the outer area, the company presented armored truck T-Rex, a security vehicle to transport high added value cargo, and tug “Pushback” TA 4433, which is new in the Brazilian market.

Proair also presented airport solutions, services, and technologies used by the company in its everyday airport operational and security works in Brazil.
At the same time as the event, the 1st Latin American International Airport Infrastructure Seminar was also held. Mr. Mario Baptista – the Group’s Managing Director – was one of the panelists on the theme “The supply chain to help improve the efficiency, profitability, and sustainability of airports.”

1ª Airport Infra Expo
1ª Airport Infra Expo
1ª Airport Infra Expo
1ª Airport Infra Expo

Protege on Exame Magazine

PROTEGE na Revista Exame

In 2010, Protege purchased 506 new armored cars. Such purchase is part of the strategy to adapt the company’s fleet, through which the company intends to start a sustainable fleet management project and, as a result, decrease CO2 emissions. Such strategy is carried out by means of a partnership with ECOFROTAS, the company which is the industry leader.

The partnership led ECOFROTAS to place an ad on April’s edition of Exame magazine. The ad shows Mr. Joao Cappi, Administrative, Financial, and HR Director, explaining why we set up the partnership with the company and how it will bring good results to the Group.

See the full case and the project results at

Protege is responsible for security at the 10th Corporate Forum of Comandatuba

Protege garante a segurança no 10º Fórum Empresarial de Comandatuba

For the 7th year in a row, the Protege Group was present at the 10th Corporate Forum of Comandatuba – the biggest corporate meeting in Brazil, which was held from April 21st to 24th at the Transamerica Hotel, in Ilha de Comandatuba, Bahia.

An exclusive project was developed by Protege’s risk management and analysis team to assure all guests could have an incident-free experience. In addition to the security guards, who were carefully selected, we provided an entire electronic monitoring infrastructure to support the security operation.

Businessmen from the biggest Brazilian and multinational companies, Brazilian Vice-President Michel Temer, 14 governors, ministers, and congressmen attended the event, whose main focus was the Brazilian Educational System.

Stories that change the history of many children

Included in the several actions it performs to help in the development of Brazilian children, Banco Itaú – one of the Protege Group’s clients – has launched a campaign that invites all society to contribute to child education with a single gesture: reading for children who are 6 or younger.

To receive the Itaú Collection of Children’s Books, those interested have to visit the website,fill out the form, and request the books. Once you do that, you have taken on the commitment to read those books to your children, nephews/nieces, and grandchildren, and then pass them along so that another person can do the same.

A total of 16 million books will be distributed all over Brazil. It is an amazing contribution Itaú is giving to educate our children.
In order to support such an initiative, Protege has already handed out books to its entire administrative department. Join the campaign!

Sustainable Action

Aware of the environmental challenges we face, Protege 400 Volkswagen armored cars which generate less pollution and offer more comfort to our employees.
On the last issue of Exame magazine, Protege was acknowledged as a company that constantly seeks excellence in its fleet cost management processes and sustainability-related actions, since – as other major players in the industry – we are part of a small group of companies in Brazil that was able to achieve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Toy armored car for kids

Protege’s toy armored car has just hit the stores and is well on its way to being a huge success among children and collectors. It will be launched gradually in Brazil. Manufacturer Roma Jensen was the one that came up with the idea for this initiative, which is a chance to advertise the brand and show that the Group is a reference in the security segment.

Click here to watch the TV advertising video from Roma Brinquedos.

1st Position on the “Valor 1000” list

1º Colocado na Valor 1000

The Protege Group was elected by newspaper Valor Econômico, in August/2010, as the most profitable company (net profit over net worth) among the 10 most profitable companies in the Transportation and Logistics sector.

The award named “Valor 1000” has the seal of the Business Administration College of the Getúlio Vargas de Sao Paulo Foundation and of Serasa Experian, which are Valor’s partners in the publication.


Since August 2010, TV show “Topa ou Não Topa”, hosted by Roberto Justus, has a new opening sequence that has the Protege Group as one of its highlights.

In the show’s action packed opening sequence, Protege receives the mission to safely carry the BRL$ 1,000,000 worth of gold bars.

The shooting took place in the network’s facilities and in some spots around the city of Sao Paulo, and 4 security agents, 1 armored car, and 2 convoy escorts participated.

The show is on every Wednesday at 11pm.

Ranked as one the best

Isto É Dinheiro magazine, through the most comprehensive corporate ranking in Brazil, awards the companies which stood out in five different management criteria. In one of the criteria, the Protege Group reached the 4th position in Financial Sustainability, in the miscellaneous services segment – the only company in the security segment to be in the ranking.

Remarkable presence at Exposec

For the 5th time in a row, the Protege Group goes to Exposec – International Security Fair – the main corporate security event in Latin America – which was held on May 25th – 27th at Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, in Sao Paulo.

The event presented the latest innovations in the field regarding investment in new technologies and electronic and corporate security services provided by the largest companies in Brazil and in other countries, such as China, Japan, Italy, and the USA.

During Exposec, the Protege Group exhibited the main services it provides: Valuables Transportation, Assets Security, Electronic Security, and airport services.

The investment in infrastructure, relationship actions, and advertising provided for an increase in the volume of contacts during the Event against last year’s, placing Protege’s booth among the most visited ones.

Purchase of 400 vehicles

The Protege Group has just renewed part of its valuables transportation vehicle fleet, in a partnership with MAN Latin America and Volkswagen.

The company’s concern with environmental issues and, mainly, with the safety of its employees were the key factors that led to the purchase of the new vehicles. The armored cars were delivered in April, kicking off the company’s fleet renewal.

Anúncio Volkswagen & Protege

Protege at the 2010 edition of the Sao Paulo State Professional Soccer Championship

Topper is the manufacturer of the official ball used in the championship and produced a golden ball for the final match.
In order to advertise that ball, Talent – an advertising agency – conceived an action to be presented in the soccer field. The match ball arrived at the stadium in one of Protege’s armored cars and was handed to the referee in a glass shade by one of the security agents.

Expanding North

In March/2010, Transeguro Transportes de Valores e Vigilância Ltda., with an outstanding activity in three Brazilian states – Minas Gerais, Acre, and Rondonia – was integrated to the Protege Group. That acquisition has enabled the sustainable expansion of the businesses, since the entire staff and fleet was incorporated into the Group. Thanks to such acquisition, the Protege Group now has around 16,100 employees spread around 14 states, including Distrito Federal, in addition to having 935 armored cars, 552 lightweight cars, and 123 drivers.

The Protege Group is the largest private Group with 100% domestic capital

The Protege Group is the largest private Group with 100% domestic capital. Specialized in security services for more than 30 years, it acts in the fields of valuables transportation and logistics; custody; outsourcing of bank services; rental of manpower for treasury departments outsourcing in supermarket chains and cashier and ticket office services; private, assets, and electronic security for Industries, Banks, and Businesses in general; and airport support services.

The Protege Group places among Exame Magazine’s Best and Largest companies

In 2008, Protege was elected the best company of the transportation segment in Brazil, placing the Group ahead of other major companies of the security, logistics, and aviation segments.
The “Melhores e Maiores” award (Best and Largest), held yearly by Exame Magazine, is regarded as the most respected yearly publication of the Brazilian corporate market. In such award, the top 500 companies in Brazil are selected according to strict standards.

The 2008 edition had over 3,500 companies assessed based on a set of indicators such as growth, profitability, financial health, investment, productivity per employee, among others, which, reflect the overall success in business and market share.