Transeguro Incorporation

Transeguro was founded in 1981 and acquired by the Protege Group in May 2010. Protege Group’s vision of expansion, together with Transeguro’s sound financial health and flawless corporate governance, formed the ideal combination of factors for the acquisition of the company, present in 2 states and featuring 5 operational bases in the cities of Rio Branco, Cruzeiro do Sul, Porto Velho, Ji-Paraná and Vilhena.

Protege Group at Intermodal South America

The Protege Group is going to participate in the Intermodal South America – International Logistics, Cargo Transport and Foreign Trade Fair. It is considered the second largest event worldwide for those sectors and will be held on April 1-3, from 01:00 pm to 09:00 pm, at the Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo. The fair should gather over 300 domestic and international exhibitors, as well as more than 45,000 visitors.

Protege is going to present the Carga Segura to that public – a service designed to ensure the integrity of transported supplies, electronics and luxury goods, among others. Its features include its transportation capacity of approximately R$ 10 million in products by armored trucks, which eliminates the idle space often found in escorted trucks. Additionally, that service offers higher insurance limits and lower costs than traditional carriers.

All trucks are manned by a team of four armed and trained guards, eliminating the traditional escort vehicle. The trucks are tracked by Protege’s monitoring center, which also controls its remote door opening and locking system.

Protege Group sponsors Rita Lee mora ao lado musical

The Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the Rita Lee mora ao lado (Rita Lee lives next door) musical. The play is based on the book by Henry Bartsch and directed by Márcio Macena and Deborah Dubois. Rita Lee mora ao lado will be released on April 4 at Sao Paulo’s Teatro das Artes.

Mel Lisboa plays the leading part in the musical and is accompanied by six musicians. The hits they perform include Agora só falta você, Saúde, Banho de espuma, Caso sério and Ando meio desligado.

5th Proforte Solidarity Rally

In March, Proforte, a Protege Group company, took part in the 5th Solidarity Rally and contributed to the collection of food baskets, clothes, and toys aimed at hundreds of families of the Chapada Gaucha and Montalvânia regions, making it a full success.

The event, created by entrepreneur Fredson Lopes França, started in 2010 and has collected more than 20 tons of food through donations and volunteer support.

Protege Group sponsors the feature film Alemão

The Protege Group is a strong supporter and promoter of Brazilian cinema and currently sponsors a film called Alemão. The feature film, written by Gabriel Martins and directed by José Eduardo Belmonte, is based on the police occupation operation of the Complexo do Alemão, a shantytown in Rio de Janeiro, in 2010. Alemão will be released on March 13 in movie theaters.

The film tells the story of five undercover police officers who infiltrate the shantytown community to roll out the invasion plan of the Alemão, but their identities and the covert operation are discovered by traffickers, who start a permanent quest to eliminate the police officers.

Completely cut off from the command network, the undercover agents take refuge in the basement of a shantytown pizzeria, are almost out of food and face a race against time. The drama tells the story of unknown heroes who went through one of the most dramatic episodes of the fight against trafficking and violence in Brazil.
Cauã Reymond, Antônio Fagundes, Caio Blat, Gabriel Braga Nunes, Otávio Muller, Milhem Cortaz, Mariana Nunes, Marcello Melo Jr., and Mc Smith are part of the cast, among others.

Protege Group security guards are awarded by Banco Itaú

Five Protege Group employees were selected by the Security Guard Highlight of the Year 2013 Program sponsored by Banco Itaú.
The program evaluates the security guards for their cordiality, friendliness, politeness, and attitude, as well as for their behavioral background.
We congratulate our awarded employees!

Protege sponsors Little Prince Hospital (Pequeno Príncipe)

From now on, Brazil’s largest pediatric hospital of medium and high complexity relies on Protege’s support as well. The institution, which currently features three units (Little Prince Hospital, Little Prince Colleges, and Pelé Little Prince Research Institute) is located in Curitiba (PR) and focuses on reducing infant-juvenile mortality.

Protege Group in charge of the official security at the ‘Natal do Bem 2013’ for the third consecutive year

The charity event, organized by the Group of Business Leaders and LIDE Solidarity, took place at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Sao Paulo and included celebrities, businessmen and politicians.
In its 11th edition, ‘Natal do Bem’ featured the special participation of the TV presenter Xuxa and the singer Michel Teló. All the funds raised by the event were donated to supported institutions.

Protege Group Party 2013

Much of our achievements are due to the involvement of our employees and that’s why we honor those who complete 10, 20 and 30 years of dedication to the Protege Group at the end of each year. This time, 74 employees counting 20 years of service were invited to the party, as well as 313 employees who completed 10 years and the 15 best employees of the year. Not only the solemnity of the tributes was shot, but everyone also took pictures with the Group President, Mr. Marcelo Baptista, and enjoyed an exclusive Jota Quest concert with their companions in a relaxed atmosphere that promoted integration among participants.

Salvador Branch receives Diversity Seal recertification

The Salvador branch has once again received the Racial and Ethnic Diversity seal, which confirms the company’s commitment to respecting and promoting diversity in the labor market, appreciating Afro-descendant employees and their culture.

The initiative aims to strengthen diversity in the labor market by signing a commitment agreement between the City of Salvador, represented by Semur, and the interested organizations. It also aims to publicly recognize racial equality actions of people management policies and marketing of public, private and civil society organizations.

Protege announces the inauguration of another operational base.

The new facility is located in the city of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre. This is the second Protege base in that state and the sixth one the northern region of Brazil.
With its 500 m², 25 employees and 3 armored cars, the new base offers transport of valuables and provides asset and electronic security services.
The Group thus strengthens its strategy and expands its presence, totaling 44 operational bases in Brazil.

Protege Group sponsors the movie Until Luck Do Us Part 2

Protege Group is one of the sponsors of the movie Until Luck Do Us Part 2 (Até que a sorte nos separe 2, original title). The first part of the movie premiered in 2012, and was also sponsored by Protege, being the best premiere of a Brazilian movie in that year, with an audience of more than 3 million viewers. Directed by Roberto Santucci, the sequence of the comedy premieres in movie theaters throughout Brazil on December 27.

This comedy tells the history of Tino and Jane who, along with their children Teté and Juninho, are once again facing financial trouble. The bank account balance of the couple is saved thanks to the unexpected decease of uncle Olavinho, who left them with a R$ 100 million inheritance. As the last wish of the uncle was that his ashes should be thrown over the Grand Canyon, Tino and his family set forth on an expedition to the US, and take the opportunity to also visit Las Vegas.

Leandro Hassum, Camila Morgado, Kiko Mascarenhas, Rita Elmôr, Henry Fiuka and Júlia Dalávia take part in the movie, among other names of the national dramatic art, in addition to Anderson Silva and the American comedian Jerry Lewis.

The Protege Group was featured in Veja SP magazine

The article, published on Saturday (05/10), highlights the significant increase in women’s presence in the surveillance industry.

Click on the image and check it out.

Proforte, from the Protege Group, to attend the 27th Superminas Food Show.

Proforte, a company from the Protege Group specialized in security solutions and services, will attend the 27th Superminas Food Show 2013, a food retailing congress and fair in Brazil, aimed at service, baking, drinks and fresh produce sectors. The event, organized by the Boards of the Baking Industry Union and Association of the State of Minas Gerais (Amipão) and the Supermarket Association of of the State of Minas Gerais (AMIS) will be held from October 22 to 24 at Expominas, Belo Horizonte.

Protege Group is a highlight in the As Melhores da Dinheiro award

Protege Group is a highlight in the segment of Specialized Services of the 2013 edition of the As Melhores da Dinheiro award. The award is an important tool for the corporate world, for gathering a list of companies and analyzes of winners in 26 rankings of the Brazilian economy most important industries.

Protege Group is ranked in the 553rd position amongst the thousand biggest companies of the Valor 1000 yearbook

Protege Group is ranked in the 553rd position amongst the thousand biggest companies analyzed by Valor 1000. Regarded as the most complete year book of companies´ evaluation in operation in Brazil, this yearbook provides an overview of companies, comprehensive analyzes of performance, and comparisons between the biggest Brazilian companies and the most important companies and industries.

ExpoPostos & Conveniência

The Protege Group marked its presence at the ExpoPostos & Conveniência 2013, an international fair and forum aimed at service stations, equipment, convenience stores and food services. Promoted by ABIEPS – The Brazilian Service Station Equipment Industry Association, by FECOMBUSTÍVEIS – The National Federation of Fuel and Lubricant Retailers, and SINDICOM – The National Association of Fuel and Lubricant Distributors, the event took place from August 27 to 29 at the Expo Center Norte, São Paulo.

The fair is aimed at service station and convenience store owners throughout Brazil, franchised convenience stores, executives of fuel distributors and convenience stores, equipment manufacturers, technical experts and consultants, as well as service providers.

Protege Group receives the Época 360º yearbook award

The Protege Group was awarded the Época Negócios 360o Prize, which highlights Brazil’s best companies. Two Group companies, Protege and Proforte, were awarded. Protege, shortlisted in the top five companies of the transportation industry, got the award in the Future Vision and Human Resources segments.

Proforte, which also ranked among the top five companies in the finance, future vision, human resources and innovation segments of the transportation sector – construction and leasing, was awarded in that segment. To select the companies, the Época Negócios team evaluates the largest Brazilian companies based on six criteria: financial health, corporate governance, innovation capacity, HR policies, social and environmental responsibility, and future vision.

The Protege Group sponsors the motion film “Se puder… Dirija!”

The Protege Group is among the sponsors of “Se puder… Dirija” (“Drive!… if you can”, non-official English title), the first ‘live action’ Brazilian motion picture filmed in 3D. The film, directed by Paulo Fontenelle, is the 4th feature film sponsored by the Group and hits theaters around the country on August 30.

Luiz Fernando Guimarães plays João, Ana’s former husband and the absent father of Quinho. After promising his wife that he will spend the day with their son, João must find a way to leave work early. And because not everything in life goes as planned, he ‘borrows’ the car of Dr. Márcia, a client of the parking he works at. From then on, John is on a mission: meet his son and get back in time before the car owner notices that her vehicle is missing. His plan turns into a great Odyssey and João engages in several adventures with his son and the dog Moleque. A light and humorous story in which everything goes wrong.

Luiz Fernando Guimarães, Leandro Hassum, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Lavínia Vlasak, Eri Johnson, and Bárbara Paz, among other famous Brazilian actors, are part of the cast.

Confederations Cup Tickets rely on Protege’s safety

Because we protect and transport everything that’s important to you.

The Confederations Cup starts on June 15 and more than 70,000 spectators are going to watch the match between Brazil and Japan at Brasilia’s new National Stadium. What few people know is that the Protege Group participated in the event to ensure its smooth operation. The company was in charge of the safe air and ground transportation of approximately 1,750 tickets from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia (match site).

The team, made up of one lightweight and one armored car, collected the tickets and headed for the Galeão (RJ) airport, where the ticket bags were loaded into the aircraft. In Brasilia, the ground operation featured two armored cars, which took care of the ticket bags from the airport to their destination, delivering them safely.

Proair signs contract with Ethiopian Airways to service their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Proair, a company of the Protege Group, has signed a contract to provide ground handling services to Ethiopian Airways, the first airline to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Brazil and to offer direct flights between Brazil and Ethiopia.
The largest Brazilian company in its segment, Proair specializes in a wide range of ground services supporting aircrafts, airlines, business jets, check-in services and management of VIP lounges.
The new route, which connects the Ethiopian capital to São Paulo, makes life easier for Brazilians working in West Africa and certainly will increase the flow of tourists in the country.