The Environment

The Protege Group’s environmental awareness has consolidated in recent years, turning us into a company holding a social commitment with the environment.

Our goal is to integrate, encourage, and stimulate employees to adopt new habits and, therefore, effectively contribute to preserving the environment.

Selective waste collection

The selective waste collection project remains active in the West base. Its main goal is to properly dispose of the waste generated at the site, such as paper, plastic, glass, metal, and organic residue, thus decreasing waste and helping the environment. In 2010, 72 tons of waste were sent for recycling.

The project provides our employees with an environmental education process that will be shared with family and friends, thus spreading how important it is to recycle and preserve natural resources and the impacts our actions have on the environment.

Durable glass

At Consolação, Augusta, IT Lapa, and Quality administrative offices and at the Garage in Sao Paulo, durable glasses are now used.

The process to replace disposable glasses with porcelain glasses reflects the environmental awareness the Protege Group has developed.

With such change, we are encouraging our employees to think about their work activities and about a small, but significant change when it comes to the consumption of a material whose decomposition rate is so long.

Emission control

Following environmental norms, the Protege Group started a strict process to maintain and inspect its vehicle fleet six years ago and since then has performed regular maintenance inspections and emission control on more than 900 armored cars.