Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The Protege Group’s companies have the philosophy of valuing and respecting human beings, since they are our main assets.

Institutions such as the family, the community, and our employees are the main agents in our operations and the reason for which we develop our social responsibility projects.

In our segment, Protege innovates not only in the investment in new technologies, but also as the security company that invests the most in social projects. The release of the first edition of our Social Accounting Report in 2006 and at the end of every year since then is a proof of that.

Crescer Project

The Crescer Project’s main goal is to promote the social & cultural development of our employees’ kids and, at the same time, to seek the integration of our employees with their relatives, thus increasing the Group’s integrating characteristics.

Protege Solidaria

The Protege Solidaria program, thanks to the support provided by its employees, has helped many institutions and deprived communities through donations and volunteer actions.

In 2010, one of the biggest actions was the Campanha do Agasalho (Winter Clothing Donation Campaign), which engaged all the operational departments of the Group. At the Greater Sao Paulo sites, Casas Andre Luiz was the entity chosen to receive the donations.

In addition to the donation of winter clothing, we have also gathered a large amount of books and paper to be converted into money by the institution.


We know that companies require a good cultural and educational level from workers. So that our employees may follow market changes and in a way to assure the quality of the service we provide, Protege offers the Aprender Project. This project has existed for over 5 years and offers those who did not conclude Elementary, Middle, or High School the chance to resume their education.

In addition to the Aprender Project, we also invest in education by means of partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, which offer discounts in the monthly tuition installments to our employees and their dependent relatives; and by stimulating reading, through our Library, whose collection has more than 1000 different books.

Trainee Program

This program intends to train and develop, in a planned fashion, inside and outside applicants who have just concluded their undergraduate and/or graduate studies, in order to meet the need for qualified manpower to fulfill leadership positions in the Protege Group’s operational departments.

The program provides the participants with opportunities to be professionally challenged, receive theoretical and practical learning, acquire professional maturity, and develop their potential.

In 2010, over one thousand people applied. After several evaluation stages, eight trainees were approved and are already receiving training at many of the Group’s business units.

Relationship with the Community

Ação Comunitária

Ação Comunitária is an entity that has carried out, for over 40 years, social & educational programs focused on the social inclusion of children, teenagers, and youngsters from 42 communities located in the South Side of Sao Paulo.

Today, Ação Comunitária’s activities are consolidated in the South Side of Sao Paulo, reaching 22 organizations in that area and keeping alive its goal to develop community leaders and social educators by means of ongoing and integrated education.

By means of strategic partnerships with neighborhood organizations and private, governmental, and religious institutions, Ação Comunitária is consolidating its position as a reference in the Third Sector.

The Protege Group is one of the partners which invests, supports, and admires the work carried out by Ação Comunitária in its mission to reach the social inclusion of children and teenagers.

LIDE Educação and Ayrton Senna Institute

Through an alliance with LIDE Educação, the Protege Group supports the social & educational programs developed by the Ayrton Senna Institute in the states of Pernambuco, Paraiba, and Sao Paulo:

  • Se Liga – teaches students who – albeit attending school – do not know how to read and write.
  • Acelera – allows students to attend classes in the grade that is the most suitable according to their ages.
  • Circuito Campeão – shows policies on how to teach to read and write and on how to monitor students’ performances during Primary Education, in order to eliminate illiteracy and improve education quality.
  • Gestão Nota 10 – offers managerial training and tools for education managements (school directors and employees at State Education Departments).

In Sao Paulo, the SuperAção Jovem program provides complementary education, encouraging youngsters to seek, by means of projects carried out in teams and with the support of educators, creative and effective solutions for the problems faced by schools and communities.

Luiza de Marillac Nursing Home

The Protege Group has supported Luiza de Marilac Nursing Home – known as Milla Home, located in the city of Cotia – for many years.

The entity assists people older than 60, providing them with many activities, such as art classes and visits from professional story tellers.

Capacitar Project

The Protege Group, aware of its huge responsibility before society, started the Capacitar Project in 2010.

The project’s main goal is to work in deprived communities to train and develop manpower, such as doormen, store inspectors, receptionists, telephone operators, among others.

Its classes tackles subjects such as citizenship, motivation, teamwork, employability, tips to succeed in recruiting processes, basic computer knowledge, and service techniques, being provided in the community itself, thus facilitating the attendance of locals.