Motivational Programs

Employee of the Year

The “Employee of the Year” program is a tool to acknowledge and motivate the employees of the Protege Group. It consists in three stages: Employee of the Month, Employee of the Year – Regional, and Employee of the Year – National.

Every month, the operational and administrative departments choose their best employees.

In the second stage, among those chosen as employees of the month, some are named to compete in the “Employee of the Year – Regional” category. These employees, on their turn, are acknowledged in their respective units, being awarded a customized trophy and a certificate acknowledging the excellent work they performed during the year, in addition to competing for the “Employee of the Year – National” award.

In the “Employee of the Month – National,” the nominees are evaluated based on the program’s criteria. All 15 winners are honored and awarded at the End of the Year Party, as well as those employees who have worked for the company for 10, 20, or 30 years that year.

End of the year party

The employee who reaches his/her 10th, 20th, or 30th year working for the Protege Group is invited to participate in an event with, in addition to the solemn ceremony, a special dinner and much music, providing employees and their guests with a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation and integration.

The special moments and the surprises start when everyone gets to the hotel and go on until the party is over.

Career Plan

The career plan helps to give more value to our employees, through their skills, competences, and professional background, acknowledging their capability to contribute – a lot – so that the company may stand out in its global and highly competitive market.

For the Protege Group, the Career Plan is an investment in employees which ultimately results in the qualification of its team in a shorter period of time and, consequently, in the quality of the services rendered and in the satisfaction of our customers. In 2010, over 1,300 employees were promoted through the Career Plan.

Suggestions for Improvement Program

Encorage, assess, and implement the suggestions made by employees and reward those who provide ideas that have practical applications and generate results for the organization.